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  1. +1 to u, thats exactly what i ment, i'm sorry if my english is not the best, but i think that's the way it should be to get things going, or just to stop things going, but at least let the ppl know what's gonna be
  2. in fact i think everyone here cares nothing about those 10 pounds , and i know he wrote when he came back from holidays, but nothing more, asked for requests to include in Gr6, thats not the problem, the problem is just not came in here and say, ye we got problems of battery drain, i'm on it, it will take me ... 3 weeks, i dont care how much time, but a little respect for the ppl who is interested in ur work.
  3. i would not be complaining if he doesnt let 2 months pass without 1 minute to reply here, i dont care if he updates or not, but its a sad behaviour to not give respect and tell the ppl who follows his work whats happening, not less, not more, if its like that, and hes not gonna develop more SGS2 roms, nice! but just have a short time and tell the ppl what ur going to do, i think its not much to ask
  4. that is my opinion aswell, having ppl making great roms, i can donate to 2 devs instead doing A TON more of job than Paul is doing in here, no excuses, 2 months without even posting here
  5. poor ppl, change ur roms, here u gonna get no updates at all, almost 2 months later and Paul didnt even wrote here more than once , keep waiting for updates :)
  6. Would be nice a fix for power menu, an extended notification menu like Criskelos ROM, and maybe improvement on the kernel? Nice to have U back Paul
  7. a fix for extended power menu, video player , maybe new kernel? thought paul alrdy returned, i'm not in a hurry i can live without those , was just curious ^^
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