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  1. Hello everyone, PSP3000 made a new theme with a background, he asked me to upload it here, thanks Replace framework.apk in system/framework before change its permissions, and reboot your phone. On your on risk, don't forget to backup your original file, enjoy yourselves! These are some screenshots of it: framework-res.zip
  2. long time not care about this topic, but i hope new developers can take over this project Thank all of you great developers!!!
  3. I can only say that I am really very disappointed in you, and don't trying to challenge people's bottom line.
  4. does the boot logo really so important for you? i remember that you have asked this question at least 5 times
  5. Happy New Year!!! There are only 2 weeks long for the first anniversary of our android on omnia2
  6. Please stop saying words like this, and post English here, or just keep silence
  7. Yes, just now i tried it and it worked for me well too, thanks ggwfnh!!!
  8. 1. install FontRestore.cab; 2. install Chinese fonts, see yahei etc(or you can edit the registry to change fonts you like, search for it) 3. install Chinese input; 4.edit in registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\MUI\Curlang, change the value to from 409 to 804 hope this helps, it worked for me well
  9. the Chinese fonts in Faq should works well if you do it manually, remember to change the permission of the that file in system/fonfs(using resco explorer, press that file until it comes out the menu, and then select permission, check all) Just now, i find a good way to start camera using button, in SpicagenMod seeting_input_long-press home settings_use custom application(make sure show recent apps titles be unchecked), then we can start camera using the button upon the camera button, maybe some of you have known of this ps: why my android runs very slow after booting 3or4 hours, and there isn't any apps running on the background
  10. just now i switched to English (singapore) and it worked fine to display Chinese fonts did your chinese fonts are 口口 or ?? if they are 口口,maybe you should make the permission of DroidSansFallback.ttf to be all checked if the file in storage can't display chinese(??), you should change this line "mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk1p5 /storage" to "mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk1p5 /storage -o iocharset=utf8" in init.rc using resco explorer,then reboot your phone
  11. nal for the internal storage installing, the startup.txt should be: Set kernel zImage Set ramsize 180*1024*1024 Set mtype 1626 Set ramaddr 0x50000000 Set kernelcrc 1 Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1px init=/init console=ttySAC2,115200 vmalloc=256M" setbitp 0x7F008808 5 1 pfw 0x7f005800 4 0x3 pfw 0x7f005804 4 0x805 pfw 0x7f005808 4 0x7 pfw 0x7f00580c 4 0x0 pfw 0x7f005828 4 0x11 pfw 0x7f00582c 4 0x80 boot and the red x should be different according to your partition for primary, it should be from 1(since the ext4 partition is the second one in most situations, it should be 2 ) for logical, it should be from 5(since the ext4 partition is the second one in most situations, it should be 6 )
  12. yes, screenshots here :D ps: i agree with you that a new thread should be started every time a new beta released
  13. This one is what i used now, with english fonts-Nokia pure http://115.com/file/e6esl45f# cm_o2_update.tar.gz
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