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  1. There are enough beta-testers available here (including me :-)). Loozaa
  2. Use a JIG... This tiny friend "legalizes" every kernel and recovery and removes the triangle keeping the whole root-stuff. Got mine for some 5€ at eBay. Loozaa
  3. Is it possible to add a "Stay awake"-Option in the Settings->Applications->Development Menu? Mentioned it in the Gr5-thread, but Paul was on holydays that time. An "every-2minutes-vanishing-mp3-player" in the car is very annoying. Yes, there are apps for this but it is android-native. And it has nothing to with AMOLED! The ancient Samsung-Galaxy and HTC-Desire have it without any display problems. Loozaa
  4. So Adfree again...

  5. Got that one receiving a sms. Sms-tone had been set to "nothing". Maybe it has something to do with the SD-mount/umount ringtone bug some years ago on Cupcake e.g.
  6. I am missing the "Stay awake"-option on my SGS2. Had this one on every android-phone so far and it's pretty annoying using the phone for mp3's in my car and the display vanishes every 2 minutes. On my Desire it could be found at: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Stay Awake Is the a way for reactivating this feature in the android-native way. Surely there may be some app for doing this but the native way has more style :rolleyes:. Loozaa
  7. Try this one https://market.andro...e=search_result You can change the related server for a-gps to the right area. The app needs root. My SGS2 had been set to Northern-America by default. Not a great one, living in Europe. Loozaa
  8. Hiho Is there a way renaming the Flashlight/Torch.apk for de-DE from "Blitzlicht" (which means a kind of flash for making photos) to "Taschenlampe"? Hmm... Slightly OT but Paul has build in a change for en-XY areas into kitchen. Loozaa
  9. You really think someome is faking kernel and radio-versions to htc and is telling "here is a leaked rom" instead of telling "look, what i' ve done"? :) Loozaa
  10. Is there r19 prebaked with A2SD available anywhere? r20 is quite unstable for me. Sometimes my desire freezes, which has not occured with r19. Goggles doesn't work anymore (already known), "WoW Remote Auction House" gives also fc. Both worked flawless with r19. Due Pauls update to r20 i can't get the r19 rom anymore. Nandroid-backup has been deleted too early, obviously. Loozaa
  11. ext4 does NOT work! ext2 and ext3 will
  12. I've got a quite similar problem, with any a2sd-rom so far my desire freeezes when booting at the first splash-screen (not even reaching "quietly brilliant"). seems have something to do with my 0.80 HBOOT.
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