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  1. aside from the already mentioned total storage mis calc ... this works perfectly . thanks paul. after you choose to migrate .. all photos and ocos etc are moved to the SD card adopted storage .. and apps are left to your choice via sytems settings ... i've fold prob 60% of my apps gave me the option to move, the cool thing is they move in total, not just partly as we have seen before. but as others have said, i prefer to leave my apps on true internal for speed reasons and not wanting to risk the life span of my SD card. but the big win here is how the gallery and camera app work post migration .. they default to SD card storage, new pics and video taken i can see being saved to the new Sd card 'internal' ... and the bonus here is that google photos now gains back rights to delete these. prior it was forcing me to launch the gallery app to delete media on my regular SD 'external' storage. just need now to check how my torrent app works re download location after moving it to SD card .. thanks!!!
  2. can we just have the drt effect please? what do stock icons do when active? i mean if always green what color do they change to when active? also would QtADB work with KE2?
  3. ahh ...and .. in contacts ... click into a contact and hit menu ..and then mark as default ... think the caller ID is the pic right?
  4. yeh i think the key is to add the "SN" account. so yeh go into calender .. settings ..calender ..sync ...add account ..and add yr facebook account here .. and make sure you sync at least contacts and events... would love to know how you manage which account gets which color associated with it though ...
  5. coming off Sense one of the things i liked alot was the use of the current FB profile pic for contact pics on the phone .... can i do this in the sgs2 as well? i have the FB profiles linked to my contacts ..but clicking on the pic icon it only allows me to choose from phone sources or i guess pulled from my gmail ..not say FB?
  6. pauls r3.1 worked fine for me re gps ..... but again, just like when these telstra desires where rooted for the 1st time ... gps see's sats ..just can't get locks. did any1 ever figure out what it was in pauls 3.1 mrc that made it work? the radio i guess?
  7. went from r3.1 to this and i've lost GPS again on my telstra desire. bummer ..must be the radio? hope pauls new rom restores gps..
  8. so what improvments does this MCK offer over the orig desire kernal? speed? better battery life? i'm using pauls R1 custom rom ... so yeah quite happy with it, just wondering if its worth the upgrade
  9. yeh i noticed ... but come on ..surly there's some hack to boost the volume?
  10. Hi .... funny enough last two nights ive actually had to take a couple calls with my phone, shocking i know .. too busy using it for web and email etc. but while OK when at home ... while on the bus .. man ..call volume is just wayy too low, can hardly hear the caller speak. and i've got the thing at max volume according to the on screen gauge when i try the side rocker buttom during the call. is there some hack or tweek avail that boosts in-call volume on the desire?
  11. other than having to use "umount" rather than "unmount" PERFECT dude .. cheers. my 1st use of adb :)
  12. guys now the trail period has expried...how exactly do a remove wavesecure? i have another app that i've brought for sim tracking and would rather use that ..it's cheaper ..
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