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  1. Update never worked for me. Uninstalled. Installed new version. Did not install to data/app, nor did modules work. Installed the pkg.apk and installs to data/app and all ok.
  2. Ok. I got it to work. Using root explorer went to /mnt/asec/modaco.xposed.toolkit-1 folder. Changed permissions for the pkg.apk and then installed the pkg.apk. this over writes the toolkit and puts it into /data/data/com.modaco.xposed.toolkit. Reboot and all selected modules work on HTC one. This was done on a stock Rom and trickdroid Rom on two different devices. Hope this helps you Paul figuring what going on.
  3. I just can't get this to work at all. Stock Rom now. None of the module's work from the tool box on HTC one. Individual ones do. At a dead end.
  4. Back to my previous trick droid Rom with back button and notification toggle built in. Tried just hiding the kid mode. Didn't work. And just the rotation on it's own which also does not work. Looking for an individual module that I can easily try that's not already built in to the Rom.
  5. Went back to stock and toolbox not working. As mentioned installing individual modules work fine. I also ticked and un ticked the hide battery. Still not working for me.
  6. I'm not having much luck with this. Reinstalled framework. Flashed the one xposed installer. Module ticked in Xposed. And selections ticked in toolbox. Kid mode not disappearing. Rotation not working. Option to disable notifications there and hold back for menu there. Rebooted several times. Trickdroid Rom. Any ideas appreciated.
  7. HTC one. Can't get rotation working when upside down. Would pushing to /system make this work? Or is this one of the mods that might not work?
  8. It will not show in internal storage. Download "quick system info' from the market. It will show you what and how.much apps2sd you have left along with other useful storage.
  9. Back up your widgets with titanium backup. Then uninstall and restore the widgets that you would like. Hope this works for you.
  10. Just flashed it too. Changes all font. Nice clear font. Looks ok. Flashed over R8. Nice to have a change.
  11. Go into manage appli'actions and remove titanium backup's cache and data. Will solve one of your problems. You might have to do this every so often. I do.
  12. did you need to use a goldcard with this method. was your phone branded?
  13. Another victim right here. Rooted the Vodafone 0.83 with unrevoked. Recovery is black. I think it is there but just cannot see it. I managed to do a Rom backup (nandroid) using Rom manager. Have not tried flashing a Rom. The desire in question does not belong to me. Any one attempted to flash a newer Rom using Rom manager? A gold card may be required?
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