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  1. Hello... I tried to install via Ubuntu, like I did other times, but with no success (and I'm having problems with virtualization also). So I'm trying to use "FrenkieDroid V7". Well, even changing the startup.txt file from "...mmcblk1p6" to "mmcblk0p6" I get stuck "Android on Omnia II Loading.." I don't know what's wrong. Maybe the partition number... but I've already tried a lot of combination. Ahh... it's ok now. If someone is having problem with boot... I used "mmcblk1p2". Thanks!!
  2. Hey, anyone is having problem with 3D graphics? Here, even "Dragon Fly", that run smooth in Beta 2, don't run well. In Angry Birds, there are a lots of white squares, and white background also. Ah, and battery is draining too quick. I installed in My Storage and did a swap partition in SDCard (that is working). Then, I have a lot of free RAM, so I guess that the problem is in processor.
  3. Hello. Well... I'm having problems with phone. When I boot Android, it's said "No Service". I was using Android since the Beta2 was released, and everything was working fine. But earlier today, that problem appeared. Curiously, the problem do not happened during a reboot. Happened when the phone went to sleep. I made a fresh install and the problem persists. In Windows Mobile it's normal. I noticed a lot of folks with problems in call. I hope that it can be fixed. Regards and thanks for all the fish.
  4. Did you change the init.rc file? Here... in Beta 1 used to be "... mmcblk0p5 /storage", now, "... mmcblk1p1 /storage". Try that, guy. Here it works.
  5. Hey, folks. I'm having an issue with SD Card. Froyo was beautiful, but a few days ago the sd card became invisible in Froyo (as if no sd card is inserted), but is visible (and do all the things that a sd card does) in WM. I already formatted and replaced the sd card, but nothing. Ah, I have Froyo installed in My Storage.
  6. Hi. Well, after one week with Android running satisfactorily good... I'm having a problem with market. Periodically, the message 'The application Google Services Framework (process com.google.process.gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.' And the only option is 'Force Close'. Ok. I forced and nothing else happens. BUT, I can't download anything from Market. The message 'Downloads is starting' appears, but the download never starts. And the icon on the notification bar don't appears too. I did all that I could do. Clean cache and uninstall updates, but the problem remains. If someone have a fix for this. [EDIT] I given up. Well, I did a fresh install, but now in My Storage. I lost everything I had, but I can install again. For now, Android is much better. I guess I should have done this earlier.
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