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  1. Does anyone know if any of these mats work when the official bumper is fitted to the phone?
  2. I ordered one for my wife last Wednesday at 15:44 along with a separate order for a bumper. The bumper was delivered on Friday and the phone was delivered yesterday morning. She's very pleased with the upgrade from her Xperia Ray.
  3. You need to run Titanium Backup, go to the Backup/Restore tab, scroll down to Wallet, select it and select the Defrost option.
  4. I ordered this one yesterday from Amazon for a whopping £1.49. It arrived earlier and works fine with my Nexus 7, provided I have the flash drive formatted using FAT32. It didn't work with an exFAT formatted drive.
  5. I installed the 64-bit version of PDANet to get my Nexus 7 to connect correctly. I was then able to to unlock and root it with no problem.
  6. Any idea what Wallet is no longer on my Nexus 7 running a Jr6 I put together in the kitchen? Edit: After a bit of reading on Xda, it turns out the app was frozen. I installed Titanium Backup, defrosted it and it's now working correctly.
  7. I found this guide to be very well laid out and easier to follow than Paul's brief, but accurate version: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1781250
  8. I'm using a Belkin zip case I got for my Kindle 3. The Nexus 7 fits in it perfectly. It means I can carry the Nexus 7 around safely but use it with no cover which is what I prefer doing.
  9. I got my Nexus 7 yesterday and unlocked and rooted it last night. I then signed up for a paid account here and baked my own version of this ROM, The installation process was very straightforward and I'm now using it to post this message,
  10. I was wondering why this was happening to me too. I thought Pointui Home might be the culprit but if it's Opera 9.5 then I hope they fix it soon.
  11. Just installed it and liking what I see so far. The only thing missing at the moment is Opera Link. I can't find it anywhere in the settings. I used it with Opera Mini and thought I'd be able to transfer over my bookmarks.
  12. 1. If you switch flight mode on, the phone part will switch off and you will still be able to use the alarm clock. 3. You can only sync with one Outlook account, either with an Exchange Server or with Outlook on a particular PC.
  13. I've been really impressed by it. I've switched between the standard interface and Home since it was first released but now that it better integrates with the Programs menu I think I'll be sticking with Home as the main interface on my VIII.
  14. This looks great, it expands on Opera Mini, my current browser of choice. I'm sure I'll be buying this when its released.
  15. Phil Lee


    Can you connect a Windows Mobile device to it and use it to connect to the net?
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