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  1. mordzy

    why dont you just flogg the spare lappy, buy the wifi adaptor. and go get drunk down the pub with your mates on the change?
  2. anyone any further details or info.? or am i just doomed with Three?
  3. yeh i have read that. i have a brand new i mate sp5 i cant use - 'SIM rejected' i posted on here and people said the sim is different in some way, so i need to know what phone will accept it. would the sammy BlackJack i607 work? hmmmm - i emailed Expansys to check "Unfortunately there are no PDA’s that you can use with a ‘3’ sim card as ‘3’ lock their sims to only phones that are supplied by themselves," is this the case?
  4. OK, appologies if this is a dumb question... what phones can i use on the 3g network three? im not fussed for video calls so d i just need a 3g phone? umm any reccomendations?
  5. thanks for the replies guys, as she was getting shirty i let her get on with it. hand set has been sent away for repair (coz she couldnt get the system to issue and exchange - only a repair) tut. id done the usual try diff battery / try battery in a diff phone.. battery was fine. phone compleatly dead. yes it is very frustrating and she very arragant - not a way to keep a 25 handset customer anyway. i have a long history of HTC based devices and electronic background but didnt want to make her feel small. her staff didnt back up what she was saying though the other customers were backing me.. (one guy was returning his PCMCIA card as it didnt fit his laptop. Two shop assistants spent about 15 mins looking for a PCMCIA slot in this guys notebook... classic) Frustrating and annoying when you get told daft stuff like that.. i would got very angry if she wouldnt exchange becuase if that.. crazy. suffice to say i sent a email to T-moblie complaints.
  6. Hello all. Had a few probs with the MDA II Compacts we use, one of which was stolen so T sent me a new one. That wouldnt turn on soo they told me to take it to the shop. Shop assistant had a pop at me for leaving it plugged in for more than 8 Hours!? apparently "leaving a handset plugged in after the battery is fully charged can damage a handset" bollox i thought and said "surly it has a built in circuit that cuts out the charge once a battery is fully charged? otherwise it would over heat and set on fire." Apparently not according to her. I asked her if i needed to train the 25 users to unplug there phone when its says 'battery full'?. "Im not arguing with you im just saying you shouldnt leave a handset plugged in when the battery is full, it will damage the handset" - she said in an authoritative voice. i didnt take it further.. she knew best. :D whats all that about? am i missing something?
  7. did some digging and found this http://t-mobile.iris-global.com/download_manager_sda_2.html when i run it on my device i get a 120 country code error? i guess this must be for the US version? even though it says T-Mobile UK at the bottom. can anyone help please?
  8. IS the GPS reciever conncted ok with the phone, under the bt devices?
  9. Does anyone know if there is a update for this handset? i have 3 of them and they all hang making a call say 1 in 5 calls. the handsets are 2 weeks old thanks (just been on the phone to t-mobile support while writing this, apparently there are no software patches etc... and all 3 phones are faulty. whats all that about?)
  10. Christ... i soooo wish i hadnt given the nokia a try.. i gave up years ago in favour of the first orange SPV and used them since. i gave the 6280 a try :) i guess the imate will have to do as a sat nav device only until i can change.
  11. Sooooo.. :) i got the imate this morning and dropped in the 3 Sim. Phone boots and says "Invalid or missing SIM card. You can still make emergency calls if your service provier supports it" Gutted. Anyone have any suggestions?! thanks guys
  12. ahh looks good.. never use video calls anyway.. shame it doesnt have wifi.. thats why i got the imate sp5
  13. I really wish i didnt choose 3 now.. there super value online deal made me. Tho in a way im glad i did. i have a realy good number :) shame the reception is so pants and my calls cut out all the time and the nokia had set is pants. i want a windows device again. :)((( it should be here tomorrow so i will post my findings. PS i tried my sim in an old nokia 6220 and it rejected it (phone is unlocked) thanks for help guys
  14. No idea, lol. so im stuck with a mobile my 3 sim wont work in grrr. will it cost me much to switch networks mid contract :S??
  15. crap, your joking?!?!? anyone else clarify/help Expansys site says "If bought without a tariff this phone is SIM free (handset only) and unlocked, you can use your existing SIM from any of the UK or European GSM networks (Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 etc.)."
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