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  1. I give my precious advices to community. You had mine :P change phone is better than waiting forever :D
  2. take nexus1 as i did and you will be happy with gingerbread next month :P
  3. do u want a very good advice? Sell that crap of legend as I did and buy a nexus 1. In the next month we will have gingerbread while legend is not completely rooted yet :D I'm serious it's a crap the legend, and I did this upgrade for only 70 bucks selling mine and buying the nexus one :P I'm in a new world now...
  4. Infact I'm abandoning htc legend too. I bought a htc nexus one. So I have the best supported phone on the market. Waiting for gingerbread :) While legend is still stuck to 2.1. Goodbye forever htc legend.
  5. up...HTC completely forgets about htc legend users who only 3-4 months ago bouhgt a legend for "only" about 400 euros...this is disgusting!
  6. Screen shot the email? Why? I already told the content, it's enough I think :lol: Problems on froyo 2.2 + sense is a good point, we all hope they solve for the end of September.
  7. No, you're totally wrong. I have an email from HTC where they say literally before the end of September so please be more mindful. Regarding Ale SPAM, I don't care custom roms full of ploblems, I bought an HTC phone, so I claim for an OFFICIAL FROYO update from HTC as they promised for the end of September.
  8. September has ending and no news about froyo for legend. I'm preparing to sell my legend on 1st October if it will not be announced officially from HTC. HTC is really not professional, he told on twitter and facebook and in various emails that froyo would have been released during Q3, and Q3 ends with the end of September. HTC sucks
  9. lampux

    Legend Update?

    How can you be sure of froyo? Today is 13 august by the way!
  10. all this crap is to cover the froyo lack for legend in my opinion...only 1 update we wank: FROYO! :)
  11. HTC Europe confirmed Froyo for tomorrow on desire. Is this a good news for us too, I hope! I'm answering on twitter to HTC asking for legend. Please do the same, they cannot ignore us if we are thousand of us. It's a shame, Legend went out on the market AFTER desire and we don't have froyo yet.
  12. Thanks BB :( now that the stupid fight finally ended and everybody is calm thanks to you, we can focus again on 2.2 for legend. The battle continues...in the meantime htc desire today has not received froyo, so the rumor on HTC_NL and HTC Europe on twitter were crap...we will see for our beloved legend
  13. As wanted to demonstrate, this is again a wrong rumor! Shame on you HTC!
  14. Are you serious? What did you smoke? I didnt' make any offence to you! It's strange you don't understand this seeing that you are english and I'm not! I'm sure I write quite correctly and I'm a real gentleman, unfortunately we can't say the same about you. Thanks again to moderators to calm you down but maybe it's necessary another report of your bad behaviour to them because you're not stopping yet, you seem to not understand your own language it's really annoying. Anyway STAYING IN TOPIC, htc desire will receive FROYO tomorrow, wo I think htc legend is the next one, maybe we will have For the record, I didn't call you child (instead you called me clearly idiot, THIS is a clear offence and you should be banned for this!!!) but I told I had enough of these childish, it's quite different and it's strange you can't notice the difference seeing that it's ENGLISH!
  15. Thank to moderators for calming down berek. I had enough of these childish...now we can focus again on the target, have froyo on our legend :(
  16. thanks lancez...do you undertand berek? Next time you will be banned for your insults. Thanks lancez
  17. Of course this will do a GREAT difference, check out other similar cases to this one and you will see that I'm totally right. Above all if everybody would do the same :(
  18. Xmas is too late in my opinion. I'm contacting every day HTC to ask for froyo update for september. Please everybody do the same. I'm asking for htc legend, but desire and wildfire are in the same situation.
  19. Who cares about what htc wants? The solution to this shut down is really very simple! Someone should create another website, and so on. They ask for the shut down of a website and someone else create another website and so on :angry:
  20. Of course this method works. To answer to the user AleSPAM, have you seen??? This method works great as I said two months ago and you (aleSPAM) told it was stupid...aahahah I was obviosly right!
  21. hard reset, or come back to the shop for a new legend (if you are in the first week) or warranty by htc that is really good and fast.
  22. who are you? The idiot number 2 after ali SPAM and the 40 thieves?? Go to help him to create the immaginary froyo update, ali SPAM is doing in his mind the update and he needs your precious help, you know, between idiots you two will work very well for sure :lol:
  23. Well I think the same about you moron and idiot. Comeon you are not able to port froyo to legend!! Maybe xDA but you are not able for sure! So you will se uthe real idiot watching yourself at the mirror! If you are porting froyo to legend move your ass and make it available quickly because we need it. Only in this case i can consider you less idiot than you are now
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