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  1. Newer version of the program is released! Mobile Online TVx 2.1.1-G sensor enanbled and with new features in the settings, like if you want the adult channels not to be seen, just click on checkbox and the adult genre will disappear. Here's the direct downlaod link: http://mobile.onlinetvx.com/downloads/mobi...2.1.1_Setup.CAB
  2. Mobile Online TVx, a professional program, supporting WM5 or higher versions, gives the users’ full access to more than 800 TV channels. To suit the users’ convenience the TV channels are categorized by countries and genres. The program includes more than 80 countries and 9 genres: adult, entertainment, kids, live, movie, music, news, religion, sport. Among the features of Mobile Online TVx are the multilingual support (English, Russian-available, German, Spanish and French-coming soon), the option of automatic program and channel update. With its features the program might be the best alternative to any paid cable or satellite television. These are the main advantages of the program that make it unique and required. Pricing and Availability: Mobile Online TVx is a shareware program and costs $14.95 More about Mobile Online TVx at: http://mobile.onlinetvx.com/ Direct Download Link: http://m.onlinetvx.com/downloads/mobile/On...1.0.0_Setup.CAB
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