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  1. Well, Thanks to some top helpers on the XDA Site i finally got my tab up and running to a stock Gingerbread. Via the excellent and well written guide on the Teamoverdrive site. Now, their ROM creates the ext4 file system need by them and Modoco Rom. No matter what i do i cannot get this Modoco rom to do anything other than put my tab into a constant boot loop. And any attempt to input text results in an instant restart. I have baked another rom, so i'm happy the rom itself is okay. So far I've had to re-install the Overdrive rom three times to get my system back up and running! So to get any further i really need some help. 1/ My phone is no longer rooted, lost that when recovering stock rom. I believe the method i used to get rooted wasn't the best, so PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me root my phone. http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=885734 USED THIS LAST TIME BUT IT WON'T WORK WITH MODOCO ROM DUE TO NOT SUPPORTING EXT4 (which Modoco Rom needs) At least that way i can install Rom Manager Premium and Titanium Backup Pro. There is very little out there about rooting a Gingerbread 2.3.3 P1000 Tab (other than the above incompatible method) The overdrive ROM installs a recovery Overcome CwMod Recovery version When i try to install the Modoco rom it downgrades this Recovery to version 3 Paul lists the requirements as: In order to use this ROM you must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed either via ROM Manager or using my MCK flash via Odin. I can't find MCK to flash via Odin Not Found The requested URL /files/paul/p1000/p1000-mck-r3-ext4-cwm.tar using ODIN3 1.7 was not found on this server. And i can't install ROM manager because i'm not rooted. So I've just been going round in circles for the last two days . I love the Modoco roms and have been using them on my devices for ages. Can someone please share a little time and love and help me on my way. Cheers
  2. Stuck! GT P1000xwjp9 (edit: the more i think about the more i'm convinced that the error lies in the method i used to root the phone (installed a MODIFIED CMW - I've later read that this does something different to the xt4-partition- (info and link below) so i guess i either need to find and flash a stock rom, or somehow get the proper version of CWM installed) Not sure if all this will effect my tab being rooted. Late now though, so i'm off to bed to get some sleep and try not to think of the tab that I've had for only a few hours before trashing it......! I baked a rom with very few of the apps included. All seemed to go well, but upon rebooting the device it then just went into a boot loop, restarting every few seconds, sometimes it would start as a new device with the welcome screen, and sometimes it would start with my saved info! Everytime i touched a text input screen it would reboot, I had created a nandroid, and i have used that to restore my device, but it's STILL boot looping. And it hasn't fully restored my device, none of the stock apps have been reinstalled, so not sure why the nandroid hasn't worked. At the end of the backup the restore seems to work but the last line says "sd-ext.img not found. Skipping restore of /sd-ext." And when i connect it to the pc the only usb option i have is to mount the SD card I did try to reflash the zip file, but the tab can't "see" the file, it can only see the external 8gb sd card i've got in there What am i missing? I've tried to do a factory reset, but when it's finished it comes up with an error E:failed to mount /sd-ext (Invalid argument) Error mounting /sd-ext! Also Clockwork recovery app has now gone missing, (it appears to be replaced by a small green circle, when i click on it, it does give me the option to reboot into recovery) i can't install it from the market, because when i try to get to the market and type the bloody thing reboots itself. The only time the phone is not looping is when on the clockwork mod recovery v3.0.0.0 screen E:unknown volume for path [E/sytem:] E:unable process volume1 skipping checking /data E:unknown volume for path [/data] E:unknown volume for path [/data] E:unable to process volume! Skipping... checking /cache E:unknown volume for path [/cache] E:unknown volume for path [/cache] E:unable to process volume! Skipping... E:unknown volume for path [/cache/recovery/command] E:can't mount /cache/recovery/command E:unknown volume for path [/cache/recovery/log] E:can't mount /cache/recovery/log Ecan't open /cache/recovery/log E:unknown volume for path [/cache recovery/last_log Ecan't mount /cache/recovery/last_log Ecan't open/cache /recovery/last_log E:unkown volume for path [/cache/recovery/command So looking for some help here please guys.
  3. Made a bit of a mistake buying a P1010 without checking out the custom ROM's first! So assuming i want the smaller form factor of 7in, what's about, that has good support. Prefer nothing proprietary, and would love a card reader. Also needs to be quite nippy.
  4. I've happily rooted and installed custom roms on my htc Desire = Worked great Got a Galaxy Nexus, that's rooted, and I'm loving it. Hubby's got a 10.1 tab, but i think it's too big, so i picked up a GT P1010 UK Wifi only tab. So my first questions, is Samsung likely to release Honeycomb for this tab, or will it have to be a custom rom? And if so, I'm assuming that any further updates to Honeycomb would again be via custom roms, although for some reason they seem to be very thin on the ground. I really want to install Titanium backup, and clockwork recovery, so i know i have to root the tab. There seems to be a real lack of information on the best way to achieve this, I've read what i can find, but i'm sorry, i'm still struggling. Given what i want to achieve above, which order and methods should i use? These are the things i've read up on, Superoneclick Odin Z4 So, as far as i can tell the first step is to root Tab --- which method do i use? Then download rom manager and flash clockwork recovery onto my device From there i can then update my phone using a zip file from the online kitchen. From reading this post though, (http://android.modac...online-kitchen/) What android version is this based on? Gingerbread or Honeycomb? And more importantly what version of the tab is it suitable for? GT P1010 ? Do i have to have Kies installed on my pc, and do i have to have an sd card in the device? Hopefully someone will take pity on this struggling middle-aged lady, trying to keep up with the latest greatest technology........ LOL Cheers All
  5. Thanks for that, do you mean using revoked r3? I thought it had been pulled
  6. Hi. any news on this yet, Unrevoked doesn't seem to say which HBoot it works with? Hubbys Desire is on HBoot 0.93
  7. Yep, same for me, the kitchen wording does imply that leaving it blank will leave out gmail...but it's still there!
  8. I use the paid up Titanium Back-up...it's great almost complete backup with no problems. (does a batch restore too, so complete restore in about two minutes....worth every penny) The only problems i have is that it doesn't preserve usernames and password very well, ie facebook and gmail.
  9. +1 I'm sure continuous sync is down to installing facebook in the bake
  10. I have found that leaving out the Facebook app in the baked rom solves the constant sync for me completly! I then download Facebook from the market and it all works perfet. BTW Facebook 1.3.1 in both cases Edit....just checked and Facebook doesn't seem to be in the bake now, so perhaps a new bake will solved your constantly syncing problem. ps I also leave out friendstream and if that makes any difference
  11. No HTC Wallpapers for me either. But Live wallpapers work fine. ps i wiped my device
  12. Please excuse my noob question, How do i do it? One other thing that may have caused it, i have Paid Titanium installed, and i'm wondering if even though i exclude Facebook in the kitchen whether Titanium re-installs it when i choose to restore after installing another custom ROM, therefore it doesn't show up in the sync options?
  13. I've been having this problem too, but can't remember what options i chose when baking the R7 ROM. However, i have noticed that i have Facebook 1.3.1 Also when i take a picture, i get the option to upload to Facebook or Facebook for HTC Facebook.....but only one of these shows in the sync menu. AND both show up in the applications part of settings, but only one shows up when you press the little arrow to see all programs.
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