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  1. Probably this update is not good on my phone now more battery expensive in my use 3h and 40 minutes before the update i arrived al 4h e 30m suggestion? No new apps installed
  2. I have your settings and i not have random reboots i choose lazy governor and you?
  3. The keyboard is good but i prefer standard edition ;) sorry Paul is possibile change PNG in systemui apk for change it? Is simply with root explorer if i use i have the problem? Thanks
  4. Photosphere si include and works good :)
  5. Oh very good when you have the time adjust framework for compability in trackball Albert ( is the best for battery use) op: franko published boot.img for 4.2 and everythings si smooth And battery friendly Summary.... Modaco Custom ROM + Franko kernel is the peace in the world :) :) :)
  6. If i choose pattern lockscreen i see My operators and emergency calls but everythings working good YOU ARE THE BEST MODACO :)
  7. I don't have any problem with baseband signal is good My fav taste is f5 for navigation button bar and everithyng is i perfect
  8. thanks for reply i attend for navigation bar mod ;) if i flash now prebake after if i rekitchen new rom with addition is not necessary wipe?
  9. i buy only now modaco addition for now is not possible kitchen my rom? for example i didn't choose favourite option in modaco ui why not? many thanks for reply
  10. rubino


    ohh niceee i attend you for download when you think it's possible? thanks :P

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