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  1. I sold my Liquid to buy a SGS. I sold it most because of bad hw quality and ugly design. SGS was my best option since i prefer the 4" s-amoled screen .
  2. I've also noticed this on my SGS with original JF3 and wondering same thing. I can often see that Latitude is turning on WiFi. How is it possible to only use 3G to locate my possition?! Is this bug maybe fixed in a new FW?
  3. Read first post..... "based on 1.100.39 bin (not on a stream dump) with fixed bugs."
  4. yep, thats an known bug in the aosp dailer....
  5. Works for me when a usb cable/charger is connected, else it wont wake up.
  6. Is there any differences in performance, battery drain etc when using these two kernels ? I understand that they are different but is it noticable in bad/good way? - For LCR1.7 998MHz - For LCR1.7 998MHz @ 1.3V + static voltage scaling + ramzswap + TS fix (im using this ontop of 1.100.39 +LCR1.8)
  7. i get Force close on gapps when opening gmail. suggestion om fix?
  8. Does these patches work good on LCR1.8 beta ?
  9. you have overcloed kernels as a patch on this page: http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liq...r-v1-7-and-1-6/
  10. Strange, i change from LCR 1,6 to LCR1,7,2 and this "Advanced setting" disapered. Can anyone confirm that this is not available in LCR1,7,2?
  11. Im using VoIP buster and that works fine on 3G and WiFi. OK quality but low volume ...
  12. is there a patch from LCR 1.6 to LCR 1.7.2 (or latest beta) that does not wipe?!
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