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  1. I just installed CM 10.2 on this SH#T phone (also Armv6) for a friend: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i5500_galaxy_5-3371.php Isn't our omnia also Armv6? I don't know... i am still strong with my omnia 2, my only device... sometimes i still cry about, our phone have so much potential.
  2. As far as i can tell, this topic refers to an old version of the project. The last version is in here: I believe the download link doesn't work because it's linking to an old IP. Tried using the page domain and it worked. o2droid.phj.hu/x/cm_beta2.zip[/code]
  3. This ramaddr change doesnt make sense at all unless you are changing the source files. Are you sure that there's no errors on the compile log. Are you using this command bellow? make zImage modules ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/FriendlyARM/toolschain/4.4.3/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi- On the end it should say "image ready" / "zimage ready". Any error and it would jump out before this message.
  4. I've been able to compile a working kernel from his source. I don't think any change was necessary, basically the default config have every feature disabled by default (24bpp driver, 166/Ahb, etc). It should at least get to the "Android on Omnia II loading" screen. You can try to disable kexec (#CONFIG_KEXEC=y). Kexec may prevent the "jump" to the kernel sometimes due some bugs. But this bug only show up sometimes, it will work just by trying to boot again. To be honest i don't think kexec is the problem. You may also check the compiled kernel final size. I always had problems with kernels with 2.9mb+ size. I've solved most of the problems related with this by using the "official" arm-gcc from friendlyarm (friendlyarm.net/dl.php?file=arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3.tgz). But tell me if you make it work, my compiled kernels from his sources doesn't have phone signal working, i have no clue why, phone works fine with his "official" compiled kernel.
  5. Hey, i've solved this problem. Check here: http://www.modaco.co...patible-device/ Hi, i believe that the "o2droid" team is everyone who you described on the "All credits going to..." section, plus Voyteckst, which you mistakenly placed on the "Also great thanks to" section.
  6. I didnt tested the rom yet but the Installation Guide on the PDF file is really good, it could be useful for a lot of people.
  7. Yes, indeed. By the way i've sent you a PM, the i8000 version its booting now, it was a missing apk file. Thanks for keep the project up, the rom works very well. But the default language it's "Chinese, Japanese or Korean" (i have no idea). Anyway, i don't know if it's possible to change it to English by default but either way it's good to alert people how to change it: Settings > Look for the menu with an "A" as icon > On the next screen the first menu > And then select english or any other language on the list.
  8. The "creation date" of the zImage on the I8000 package is "11/29/11". Are you sure you uploaded the correct zImage? I'm also stuck at the cyanogen screen. I can hear the "beep" sound that play when the load is almost done but then it start to load again, and beep again and so on... It's a loop.
  9. To anyone having issues with Incompatible app's: Restore the default "lsd_density" (240 default) ; Check if Date/Time is correct ; Also try cleaning this below and remove dalvik cache: Settings > Applications > All > Google Services Framework > Force Stop > Clear data ; Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Force Stop > Clear data ; More here
  10. I can't install most of applications from Market. It says isnt compatible with my device. Opera Mini, Go Launcher, etc, etc... i used to have all this apps but now its not compatible. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. About the current Beta2, anyone from America lost phone signal? It returns a Invalid IMEI message for me. Already tried to switch between i65 and wm script.
  12. Your 8Gb My Storage files will be "mounted" at /storage folder. Just to be clear, the message that you see is "Android on Omnia II Loading" or "Now loading android on omnia 2"? It has been installed without errors and you are trying to run from haret.exe, right?
  13. Isnt a "new version", it's the same system/version with a new TEST kernel that bring fixes and improvements, make sure you are aware of this quote right there on the first page: Anyway, install instructions is also on the first post of this topic. It's like you said, try it and then post where you are stuck so we can help you.
  14. ext4.tar.gz from manual install package[/CODE] Yeah, this was from a old update, you can skip this step since cm_beta2 have all files. I'm not sure if i understand what you mean but installation files must be in InternalSD (My Storage), not MainMemory or External SDcard.
  15. Don't forgot to follow the requirements: - untouched My Storage with automatic installer content - ext4.tar.gz from manual install package - at least 2GB SD card (class 6 at least will be enough) with one FAT32 partition or with 2 partitions (FAT32 + ext2/3/4) I used to have this problem, don't matter what, even with a fresh installation didn't boot. I solved it formating my partition with GParted (Linux).
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