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  1. It randomly stopped working for me today. Symptoms were, i could ping from HTC to iPAD but not from iPAD to HTC. I changed the frequency for the wifi tether and it started working again.
  2. my settings as follows: iPAD set to I simply run the WiFi tether application on my desire with: no WEP LAN settings as BTW: I am not a networking guy, my buddy came and fixed this so I cannot really debug beyond the information provided.
  3. It's working with my iPAD now. It turns out the DNS was messing things up. screenshot of iPAD settings to follow in a bit.
  4. No joy here. I have tried the following: start wifi tether using LAN settings / 24 goto terminal emulator from market ping destination unreachable. I have my iPod set to: Open safari cannot find internet.
  5. Hi peep, I am running custom kitchen rom with rooted desire. I have read through the various tether threads but am still having trouble. Here is what I have done so far. Set tether lane to Turned off wep Started tether Installed terminal emulator From emulator on desire Ping >no response Ping >destination host unreachable
  6. Done. TY for help everyone.. custom ROM with A2SD+. Cool
  7. I am confused. If i format the card at that stage will i not delete the .zip files that i need on the SD card, i.e. r2-desire-modacocustomrom-withadditions-a2sd+-signed.zip "When this has completed, your device should be at the 'recovery' screen. Select the 'wipe' option, then select the option to apply an update zip from sdcard, and select 'rootedupdate.zip'. This will take a little while, so go make a nice cup of tea. When the flash has finished, reboot, and you are DONE! " Confused here?
  8. hi guys, (apologies for newbie questions but i guess others have similar queries) Anyway.. how can i set up my SD card for A2SD. I have rooted already. Formatted SD card. But format in windows create 1x primary partition. So how can I (step by step please) partition the card into 2 partitions. TY in advance.
  9. I was thought a2sd came with kitchen Rom. As I understand things to install kitchen Rom. 1 bake & download 2 copy to SD card 3 run step 2 of tiny core method 4 flash using kitchen Rom Correct?
  10. How do i install a kitchen ROM. I have rooted with tinycore R3 build. Just signed for adfree too. Thanks guys.. great work!
  11. I just rooted with no problems using the tiny core R3 method in this thread. One question though, so its rooted, i can see superuser item on my phone. But how can i get the cool apps like wifi tether, etc.. and how do i install kitchen roms? cheers guys. BTW just signed for adfree :P
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