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  1. the GPS location is fail. but the DJ Droid v1.1 is success.
  2. is that true?just waiting.....
  3. I just want to make my Desire rooted,and do some software develope for the Froyo.
  4. I have buy a iphone4.......
  5. One question to the Admin of this forum,And Paul: where did you get the testimage.zip for 1.21.405.2? or how do you sign it? Can I use the same method for the 1.22.771.1 or later rom? waiting for your help~ thanks a lot!
  6. tomorrow is 6/23,will the HTC release the Froyo 2.2 for Desire?
  7. I have flashed the 1.23 ROM for Desire, and I found that it is stabler than the 1.22 ROM.I am in China,and I use the CMCC.
  8. OH MY GOD! My Desire becomes offline several minutes again and again when I call out or pick up a call in........... I really want to root it.........................................
  9. can you tell me how to sign the test ruu ---- testimage.zip?
  10. I can't downgrade the Hboot without root! ------------------------------------------------------------ in step 4: 4. Download flash_image binary from here and then do the following in adb while the phone is connected: CODEadb push /{the folder u downloaded it to}/flash_image /data adb push /{the folder u downloaded it to}/mtd0.img /data I got: D:\desk\Desire\RUU\Downgrade>adb-windows.exe push ./flash_image /data failed to copy './flash_image' to '/data/flash_image': Permission denied ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. really?I will try ASAP. thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. then how to sign the test ruu? do you know the method?
  13. how to modify the test ruu : testimage.zip? I really need your help~~~ I want to root my 1.22.771.1~~~
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