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  1. Daskalos, I can't see the windows map to put the calllog.exe in... You know how to fix that? thx
  2. Where can i find 'GPRS-verificatie' and browseroptions ?? i need it to set my internet edit solved
  3. Guys i have als SPB but i can't refresh my mail and also i can't use windows live messenger. Does someone has a fix? thx
  4. Can't download the 64bit file from http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?myojwmniojg it doesn;t start downloading :/
  5. Dask, really thx mate i got no problems so far but I installed a WP7 UI on it and it's very very fast :D. When i saw the sense roms i was really sold but after i used some it was a bit slow. Now i tryed this rom and it runs nice and had no crashes so far. also i did the performance stuff except the overclocking. Here is the WP7 UI cab for people who like it. Maybe it's nice to cook it in a rom :D http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=685928 ,Jasper
  6. doesn't work.. still saying it's not 100% uninstalled :angry:
  7. Guys can someone say please how to remove the phone canvas enhancem...? thank you very much !
  8. Okey sorry but i never did that so can you please give me the link for totale commander?
  9. How do i uninstall pyrorob phone_canvas-Enhancem...? because when i uninstall it with the app: remove programs, it says that it's not 100% uninstalled :S thx
  10. Can someone make a tut to change your lockscreen and post some nice lockscreens? because i really don't know how to change the lockscreen :S thank you
  11. Hello, Can someone explain how to change the lockscreen? thx
  12. Thank you very much, but where can i disable Weather Animation at home tab, because in the previous version you set an icon on your home tab but now i can't and how do i change the lockscreen? thx
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