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  1. storage memory rom O2Droid @ipaq4.zip from the link in the first post has a password. Anyone know what it is?Lmao, nevermind I see it now.
  2. Currently running a late non-cookie build and alarms don't work (even with patch) and can't control the backlighting at all. Dims in 3 seconds no matter what. I've tried registry edits without success as well making an otherwise good, fast running ROM unusable to someone that texts most of the time.
  3. Love these Roms but I just can't do Cookie versions as they just don't perform well. Just glad to see I can still get them as this is an older phone now and its getting harder to get stuff for it. :) Thanks.
  4. No worries. :) Its not always easy to discern intent when reading text. I just try to offer useful feedback and hopefully get answers to questions. You can't fix what you don't know is broken. I've been there so many times (usually on your end of things, the receiving end). :) I suppose I could have at least looked back a few pages first too. I also have an i8000L and must say that while it is essentially the same as the i8000 aside from the phone part, I am beginning to see that it will encounter issues when the i8000 will not. I guess there are still other subtle differences besides being on Bell. It will be nice when one day the manufacturer provides the phone, not the service provider. It will be nice when the tail doesn't wag the dog. Cheers.
  5. Seriously? Because the thread is 61 pages deep and the lockscreen was only one of several points I brought up. They were intended to be constructive, not hostile or sarcastic.
  6. Using "MS Team Cookie 2.0 .Sencity ROM for OMNIA II.Apr 12.29017.7z" I get a System Administrator text message every time I send an SMS telling me I sent it. The battery power cannot be accessed from the top of the homepage. Lockscreen changed on its own to the Sencity one (which I do prefer) from the HTC Sense one which. Screen was turning white and freezing phone when plugged into power or usb until lockscreen changed. Altering backlight time only lasts until screen goes off, then it reverts back to 20 seconds. Any way to just fix the SMS in the last build?
  7. Lol, stupid me, I forgot I removed the weather tab. Put it back and found exactly what you were talking about. tyvm.
  8. Start Button (bottom left corner)/Settings/Samsung Settings/Second tab at top left/Backlight Time
  9. Very cool. Please also note that I have been using VITO SMS-Chat v1.25 if that matters at all.
  10. It would seem that I am experiencing some SMS issues after all. In all fairness, this could be service troubles as text messages don't always seem to be reaching the recipients. Last night I also noticed many messages were still in the outbox and did not send until I did a soft reset.
  11. The only thing I see so far is that I can't get Sense to recognize that I've read a message. The icon in the bottom bar keeps seeing an unread message. This doesn't happen all the time but, when it does, there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it besides deleting all messages.
  12. So far so good. Using the Sencity rom. I change a few things for my own needs but, I'm liking it so far. Remember, if you find it is slow, thats what the S3Clock app is for. Turn up the speed when you need it, stay within the green range and you should be fine. You may want to turn it back down a bit to conserve power when inactive. I have an i8000L so I'm hoping the GPS works for a change but, I have yet to test it.
  13. Ummm... I'm guessing its SMSTimestampFixerSetup1.3.1.CAB. That link leads to an entire folder of goodies :D TYVM
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