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    iPhone 6S & Redmi Note 4
  1. Same here on my Omnia. But I'm definite its the flash ads that appear when browsing on a computer :P
  2. dawo5010

    sony ericsson liveview

    Was really interested in getting one for my desire.. will wait till SE wakes up and fixes it. EPIC fail software for a very interesting piece of software.
  3. Hi I am interested in getting a desire z when it comes out, for my father. However, he has quite big fingers. Anyone who has toyed with a desire z, can you share your experiences? Does the keyboard have a tactile feel? And how big is each key, and are they easy to press or very stiff?
  4. dawo5010

    [AlphaRev] Public release S-OFF HTC Desire GSM

  5. dawo5010

    Installing busybox

    Could someone give me instructions on how to install busybox on my 2.2 HTC Desire? I need instructions to set up adb on mac if adb is needed and point me to the latest busybox files. Thanks. Sorry if this was a repeat post.
  6. dawo5010

    HTCSense.com coming to "Classic" Desires in December?

    Nah, its not the new Sense. I think that you guys are confused about the "Enhanced HTC Caller ID", because that comes in the Desire HD rom, if im not wrong. The update enhances support for Facebook status display when dialing. Not Desire HD. Most likely we'll get it in December.
  7. dawo5010

    ByteTornado Downloader

    I downloaded this app.. and the browser resets everytime I rotate it. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. dawo5010

    Twitter(Peep) authentification fails since today

    I don't know about that. I just did an OTA to Froyo.
  9. dawo5010

    Twitter(Peep) authentification fails since today

    Hi guys, I'm one of those people who don't like to root/modify our devices as the Desire is already good in the Stock ROM I just updated the ROM to froyo asia update and peep has no problem. maybe they fixed it in my version?
  10. dawo5010

    HTC Desire Froyo Asia Update

    It's out now. Plus, we get speech to text on the keyboard without HTC IME mod! Awesome! All go download now! Voice search is also in there.
  11. Link: http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTI5OTMyMDA5 dont even know if people will click or not..
  12. I just blew SGD$248 on a HTC Desire, bye bye [email protected], hello [email protected]! Seriously, Android is AWESOME and fast and something anyone would LOVE to use! My Omnia 2 couldn't even send an sms without lagging, let alone call.
  13. dawo5010

    Trading Omnia 2 in for HTC desire, need advice

    ok thanks, will look forward to my desire.. 12 more days!
  14. dawo5010

    Trading Omnia 2 in for HTC desire, need advice

    is there any way to 'restore' the device in the case of needing to go back to service centre? or else i'll just wait for warranty to end
  15. dawo5010

    Trading Omnia 2 in for HTC desire, need advice

    does it void warranty? and can someone find out if thickbuttons works on desire? @le_lutin the reason why i still like desire coz all the cons so far listed, except for batt, is correctable via software update.

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