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  1. c_man

    [ROM] Azure

    Thank you, Peganos!
  2. c_man

    [ROM] Azure

    Any steps on how we can utilise all of the APKs in your link? i.e. how can we use/flash the files?
  3. Can anyone confirm these 2 questions? 1] I have an unbranded and unlocked Legend. Do I still need a Goldcard in order to root? I am not sure.. 2] Also, I am running the latest OTA update. Therefore, in order to root, I believe I have to downgrade my ROM. Is a Goldcard required for that ? Thanks in advance...
  4. Or you could stay rooted and wait for a rooted FroYo ROM to be made available, I guess?
  5. The article mentions Desire only... anyone have any news regarding the Legend by any chance ?
  6. Anyone with a Twitter account about to ask Unrevoked how they're getting on with the Legend? Their last update was on July 16th: http://twitter.com/unrevoked
  7. c_man

    How do I remove HTC from the Legend?

    Whilst this isn't the 100% complete solution we're looking for, i.e. removing SenseUI, have a go at this... http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.fede.launcher I've been using it for nearly 24hrs and find it superb!! It will keep me going until we figure out how to remove SenseUI completely... :)
  8. c_man

    How do I remove HTC from the Legend?

    + 1 Would love to be able to completely remove SenseUI from the handset, not just kill the UI and have Sense running in background, but completely remove it. Ideally, would like the same interface as that found on the Nexus One. Is this possible?

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