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  1. nitrox1

    MK808 wont connect to internet

    Not sure this will help, but you could try http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1982149 Been wanting to try it myself but I haven't.
  2. nitrox1

    MK808, general info + RK30xx kernel sources...

    joined in hope something comes off it.
  3. nitrox1

    Saw the desktop .. once

    there's always the other supermarket. http://m.tesco.com/m...n_jtt_redirect# or maplins sedit: did you get the usb lan connector?
  4. nitrox1

    Saw the desktop .. once

    How's the quality? I missed your post,yes I believe it's that known problem, 2A power supply.
  5. nitrox1

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    You seen here, quite interesting. http://www.armtvtech.com/armtvtechforum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28
  6. nitrox1

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    ordered mine through eBay from China, express courier. USD$115 with mele f10 Wii style rechargeable remote keyboard, usb2LAN, and 4 way hub. should be here by 17th (fingers crossed) Did everyone know that someone has already rooted it too, but no custom roms.
  7. wish i have all these problems,i feel kind of out of the loop. Baked a rom last night, did a bake with minimal apps, just mainly my fav setting buttons. did a full wipe, and flashed my bake. i restored with mybackup pro, no problems, and let google restore my apps over wifi. restored my sms, and call log. all is good. flashed faux kernel, and wifi,h+, bluetooth, supersu all working. over the day, i had one point wherei was told i lost connection and had a 2g,edge,hspd, issue, but appart from that loving jb. i use adw ex launcher, and need an update for that. but my real question is csn anyone use google me properly in uk, or will this end up the scurge of jellybean in the uk, like siri is for iphone users? i do get nav to home, and weather, but not much else. ps: paul dont know why but swiftkey 3 on ics doesnt likeyourweb site :(
  8. hi Paul, everything is working great for me so far. supersu is fine. never checked g+ messenger. (baked from kitchen) but on a great note, faux has a JB kernel on rootzwiki that is working just fine, smartreflex to 1.8ghz and all usual controls. working nicely.
  9. Cheers for reply, I'm on XXLA2, have been through previous IR's, did check ril this time via getril, and they match. But what I have done, is restored default APN, and connected to Orange (my provider) rather than tmo/Orange, and I have a 100% improvement, to the point where I would say,I have no problems. Sorry for false bug. Supersu option would be great, as I presume superuser came with this new Rom for root, like previous ones (I repscked zip, but would prefer to bake. It does say it's an option, but didn't see it when i was on the kitchen) Edit: yep, double checked myself, in notes, says supersu is a kitchen option, but not in the kitchen. :-D
  10. Hi all been having problems with phone calls and reception,a phone conversation will actually drop out for no reason. Also data seems to be hit and miss wether it works. On tmo/Orange. And chance we could get supersu as an option in the kitchen so I can try a new build?
  11. Hi Paul, Is it possible to get this mod, for CM9 R0 kangs? Would be really really helpful. Thanks
  12. nitrox1

    Official Motorola Atrix sbf's

    Ok I'll be chillin, but sbf sounds great.
  13. nitrox1

    Official Motorola Atrix sbf's

    Also if anyone has the uk tmo sbf please don't hold back and post it up.
  14. nitrox1

    Cheapest/Best sim unlocking?

    I'm sorry, they must have changed their price in last 2 weeks. Several people have had it at £5, including myself. Then then only real good thing is it's still a couple of quid cheaper than some places, and you get your code in 10 minutes instead of 1-3 days.
  15. This company worked well. It's been used on several uk orange atrix's, and works well. £5 to unlock, and only 5 minutes to wait. http://www.mobifreedom.net/ Anyone found any better?

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