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  1. Thanks for the info, gang - very helpful! And I looked last night and it does appear that the MCR is based on JMI, so my news was outdated for use MCR folks. Sorry about that. I did see Paul's tweet yesterday about an update coming for the Tab soon, so I'm looking forward to it. Hoping to see it before the HTC Flyer hits because that device could tug at my wallet. :mellow:
  2. Caught wind of this, which may be old news to some: http://www.carrypad.com/2011/04/26/galaxy-...e-worth-having/ Kies has JMG firmware for the Tab. Since I'm running Paul's MCR and kernel, I don't use Kies. Is anyone using JMG and if so, have any comments on if it's worth an install? Of course if the MCR is built on this firmware, I'm asking a moot point, so apologies if that's the case. If not, I wonder if the MCR can be rebuilt on the newer firmware. :mellow:
  3. Happy anniversary to you both and enjoy your well deserved time off, Paul! :D
  4. Thanks to Paul's MCR, my T-Mobile USA Galaxy Tab has Samsung's mobile printing app. And, as luck would have it, I have a Samsung laser printer on my home network: shared via the iMac it's connected to. Only thing is: the mobile app never sees the printer. Anyone have experience configuring or troubleshooting? I thought maybe there's some server app that has to run on the connected computer, but I can't find a even the smallest bit of info on Samsung's support site. Thanks in advance!
  5. Just installed over beta r7 and looking good. Thanks a ton for the patched dialer too: goodbye constant VM notification! ;)
  6. But is that only to other Galaxy Tab owners, folks on computers using Google Chat video, etc? Trying to understand which services it can work with - I wasn't clear about that... sorry!
  7. Wow - just flashed beta 5 last last night and here's beta 7! Simple upgrade and everything looks good so far. One question: this ROM added the phone dialer for me; makes sense if its a Euro build on my T-Mobile USA Tab. But I see the video call bit in the contacts too - don't remember seeing that. What service / network does the video call work on, or does it not work? Just curious. And of course, I want to use that dialer app for real phone calls, but that's another story entirely! ;)
  8. Finally got the kernel and ROM flashed on my T-Mobile Tab, Paul. Everything is running super smooth! Thanks much!
  9. Paul, I'm loving this ROM, so thanks! :lol: Just wanted to make sure one issue I see isn't specific to me: the WiFi Hotspot function isn't working. I saw some folks say the same, but I don't see it on the Issues List at the beginning of the thread. Unless it's a non-issue (and local to me) any chance of adding it to the Issues List to head off other folks from posting the same? Thx!
  10. OK, rebaked with the defaults and it flashed. Not sure what I selected (or removed) that caused the error, but I'm good for now. Plenty fast ROM! Great work so far, Paul! :angry:
  11. Bummer. Getting the same error as a few others, even after a full wipe. E:cant symlink /system/bin/reboot E: failure at line 332: symlink toolbox SYSTEM:bin/reboot It must have something to do with the options I've chosen to bake if others are getting this build to run. I'll try with the defaults although I generally pull out some of the HTC apps. Baking now.
  12. Sweet! Even though this is a WIP and I'm off for vacation the next 4 days, I'm baking right now. I always keep the last ROM or two on my SD card anyway, so if this has too many issues, I'll just revert back or use the loaner Droid X for the weekend. Thanks Paul! :angry:
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