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  1. RT @sylvaind15tin Haye or Chisora??? haye did it easy now khan #khan #haye #chisora #coyb

  2. I never got my refund. The guy is a thief and a fraudster. Linking from this site astounds me. Why link to a crook ??
  3. It happened to me when I went r8 to r9 as well but in trying to fix I formatted SD so now don't have an r8 backup to revert to :)
  4. I also have this but.... The SD card (8Gb) works in another phone, and the SD (2Gb) from the other phone works in my Desire
  6. I posted this along time ago. I also put comments in their support forum. Worse than useless, they are fraudsters and theives BUYER BEWARE
  7. R7 is the puppy dogs undercarriage. Cheers Paul
  8. I'm now getting this on the official 2.2. I had no problems on r5 :)
  9. You're a star. I'm now undecided whether to flash this or wait for the kitchen......
  10. Eazi

    MCR r5 archive

    Well Done Paul. Absolutely amazing, well worth the donation on its own. Been playing with it all day and found no issues, and you say its not finished :) Keep up the good work.
  11. I was HBOOT 0.80 and software 1.15.xxxx Whilst trying again last night, phone went into a reboot loop, white screen with HTC Logo, text got to Quietly, then black screen and reboot. Amidst panic I tried one more time nd it worked. I did nothing different ????
  12. Hi Guys, I have posted in the main thread but firstly I think its lost in the 122 pages and secondly, there seems to be a few people with the same error but no reply. when trying to root my desire I have finished windows-step1.bat seems ok when doing apply sdcard:update.zip i get the error e:signature verification failed installation aborted Any ideas?
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