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    Acer Liquid
  1. Manual removal and installation _4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=150358&view=findpost&p=5715103
  2. You must specify the full path to fastboot.exe (fastboot-windows.exe). File for the firmware must be somewhere and file fastboot.exe. Or, create a file .bat in a folderon the model and run it. The file should be in this folder with fastboot @echo off echo Flashing Superboot... fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x413c flash amss amss.mbn echo Rebooting... fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x413c reboot
  3. zander4218

    "Start emergency recovery copy"

    1.Install recovery.img (351) 2.Start Recovery and upgrade 351
  4. zander4218

    "Start emergency recovery copy"

    Upgrade to 351.
  5. zander4218

    Request: tun.ko

  6. zander4218

    Still no portrait lockscreen solution?

    Read http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1084850
  7. zander4218

    A new moded rom for dell streak

    ??? boot.img=boot.img (Version 345 , build 15380)
  8. Duskycub, Link to the official 340 2.2 http://mirror2.streakdroid.com/manii/
  9. zander4218

    Multitouch fix - BETA 2 verision

    Hot Russian guys
  10. zander4218

    [Survey] User of Liquid Series

    liquid A1/S100
  11. zander4218

    Radio FM for Acer Liquid! FINALLY!!!

  12. zander4218

    Radio FM for Acer Liquid! FINALLY!!!

    AW-GH600A, B46 802.11 B / G, BT, FM, AzureWave`s
  13. zander4218


    seya78 Repeat it : > Wipe data/factory reset > Flash MIUI-0.9.24_LiquidPort.zip > Reboot
  14. zander4218

    acer liquid metal

    Qualcomm has officially revealed a new line of mainstream smartphone chipsets, MSM7×30 family which is going to bring gigahertz processing to future average smartphones. The MSM7×30 family will pleasantly surprise you with multimedia features like HD video recording and playback and “exceptional graphics with dedicated 2D and 3D cores” while the chips will also be optimized for offering you a great web experience. [AD] Qualcomm MSM7×30 Smartphone Chipsets will include the MSM7230 for HSPA+ smartphones and the MSM7630 which comes with multi-mode support for HSPA+/EV-DO Rev. B and SV-DO handsets. Qualcomm MSM7×30 Smartphone Chipsets family will offer 800MHz to 1GHz CPUs based on the ARM v7 instruction set. The CPU used will be the same Scorpion models found in current Snapdragon chipsets. MXM7×30 chipsets will gets features like: 720p high-definition video encode/decode at 30 frames per second Integrated 2D and 3D graphics GPUs with support for OpenGL ES 2.0, and OpenVG 1.1 industry standard APIs Dedicated low-power audio subsystem supporting 5.1 surround 12-megapixel camera support Integrated GPS for location-based services Support for leading mobile operating systems, including Android, Windows Mobile, Brew Mobile Platform and Symbian Support for package-on-package memory for reduced board space, optimized power consumption and more responsive performance. PM8058 power management integrated circuit and the QTR8600 RF subsystem with integrated Bluetooth and FM radio Wi-Fi support as it will interface directly with the Qualcomm WCN1312 WLAN solution for 802.11 b/g/n. Qualcomm hasn’t announced what smartphones will use the new chipsets so far but we’ll be definitely looking forward to see manufacturers announce new devices based on Qualcomm’s new MSM7×30 chipset family.

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