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  1. Why it is COOL? Beside learning programming, this little device has the power to become one of the most ubiquitous devices and to bring new level of our computing use. It is very cheap, very small, it is capable of displaying Full HD resolution videos without any problem, (look it as a better performance than iPhone 4S) it can be connected to the internet and all this means that we can have computers in every room for any purpose without worrying about related costs, electricity bills etc. By utilising this kind of devices, number of people using internet, social networks, etc. will grow drammaticaly and that means, more connectivity (for people), oppening of new niche markets, potential for development of new products of any kind etc. http://scienceofthetime.com/2012SkopjeUniversitySsCyrilandMethodius/2012/04/20/raspberry-pi-a-cheap-way-to-get-more-online-users-the-quickest-way/
  2. After I flashed upd4, I have copied old apps that were in apps folder on ext2 partition and after reboot phone is boot loop. Is there another way how to get old apps?
  3. Hello to you all, I have tried installing r5, then r6 and r6.1 with APP2SD+ support, every time I go with wipe and then install from sdcard trough recovery mode but funny thing is that even after applying r6.1, when I check in about phone it shows r5 and the phone is not booting with sdcard. I don't know what I am missing, please help. Best regards, Goran
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