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  1. Man haven't had to deal with this issue since the days of 256 colors and 2 pass viewers. But also part of the problem at least in some patterns you see is due to the pentile matrix used on the screen.
  2. Hi ignation. http://www.modaco.com/content-page/297014/...k2-rom/page/60/ Post 72, the naming is off but that is a multi csc with UK XEUIK2 CSC in it. Or you can use that Samsung Mobile Firmware Downloader and download the original full rom back(the tool doesn't like my computer though)
  3. The B7610 don't think comes in 8/16 gig versions and only dual band 3G but the B7620 is tri band 3G though. Maybe you can list it has a front vga camera, tv out and uses the micro usb connector. Maybe list the video recording resolutions too?
  4. Hey Ignition. Which country or which CSC did u have on the phone before you flashed? Now I'm wondering if I should not flash CSC or until UK to actually release it.
  5. Can someone upload XENJC2 or maybe just the CSC? Not having much luck with the downloader
  6. Hi Rapid81. About the B7610 light sensor being not working. I saw something at http://innovator.samsungmobile.com/bbs/dis...amp;boardId=223 On page 3 in the "Announcing the Samsung Windows Mobile SDK 2.1.0" thread, Light Sensor API isnt a go on this phone. Not sure if it changed on the SDK 2.2
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