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  1. Settings > network settings > restore connections > restore network connection Find the rom version in this forum, you can still find the original rom if you're lucky.
  2. I know, messaging is the 2nd tab, move to the first or third tab at the bottom, there's a back option there. That I'm not sure, didn't have that error o.o
  3. Move to another tab, there's a back option there. Threaded SMS view ? Click on all messages. (If that's what you're asking)
  4. Still can't find the solution to display Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in Sense, I can input though._.
  5. Shadow, after I install fonts like Chinese and Korean, I can see them at touchplayer and on the message input, but they appear as boxes in Sense, any solution ? o.o
  6. I can't return to home page after going into messaging o.o EDIT: nvm, found out how to get out of it, my bad :D
  7. It's alright, you're welcome :D You don't have to feel clumsy, frequent the forum and you'll learn these things ;)
  8. Try going to network settings and restore connections ? @Shadow, there's a thread, using gwes.exe or something makes O2 works faster, do you think it will work here ? o.o & great work on the latest build, thanks for the rom ! :D
  9. Always flashed with eboot since the JD version, no problems so far :(
  10. HTC Messaging lags, as long as it reach hundreds. For me. Samsung's messaging better though.
  11. not really sure, i use s3clock because it's easier to use.
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