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  1. It is easier to make yours with THIS
  2. Hungarian Blade with wbaw's TPT upgrade, it says it's European.
  3. If I were you, I'd sell my Blade to my sister, and buy a Skate (Monte Carlo) for myself. IMHO the Skate is way too big for women.
  4. And an infinite loop.
  5. It wouldn't work, but you could still use fastboot to reflash clockworkmod. FTM stands for Field Test Mode, it's on your recovery partition. You flash clockworkmod on the same partition, so they should not be present at the same time.
  6. If it's enabled in your firmware (gen1, unofficial gen2), you can use fastboot to reflash clockworkmod.
  7. markusj

    TPT gone wrong ?

    Can you flash clockworkmod via fastboot?
  8. continuing the work != reuploading without mentioning those who did something
  9. http://logout.hu/bejegyzes/szezso15/androi...e/hsz_1-50.html Just a nice hungarian guy stealing your work.
  10. Did you upgrade this way? What does Mr. Pigfish say? // Ezzel upgrade-elted? Az Ask Mr. Pigfish app szerint gen2 lett?
  11. It's not offered, but I guess this update enables it. (By upgrading the phone to gen2)
  12. markusj

    Your Top Android Phones.

    1. HTC Desire 2. SonyEricsson Neo 3. LG Optimus 2X 4. ZTE Blade 5. LG Optimus 3D
  13. markusj

    so what do you think of froyo?

    It really does smell good!
  14. Indeed, I flashed the original hungarian recovery, but after running the app I don't get the FTM screen, just this one: In the flashed recovery I can't get to the menu with any button, but with the new one I just have to press the home button, and it's there. It's definitely not that one that I flashed manually.

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