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  1. ok im really annoyed and confused at this point..... this is whats happening. i have optus mytab edition of the v9 light. 2.2 went on fine. no problems there. but it refuses to root properly. i tryed z4root which worked when it did a temp root but when it did a perminent root it installed the stuff but they didnt actually function and androot just fails. however through the temp z4root i managed to install the gen2 recovery which DOES boot instead of the FTM when i vol down +power but the volume keys DONT work so its pointless. also now i have the recovery installed i dont need the recovery-clockwork- version of the file at all do i thats only for when you already have CWM installed yes? am i just an idiot and have done something wrong?
  2. your probably right about that. i finally got around to installing and doing it on my XP machine and it worked like a charm. i wonder if anyone else is having troubles now. or if its just my computer being stupid.
  3. yes win 7 and iv already done it 7 or 8 times before but for some reason all of a sudden its not working anymore. all those things have been checked and iv re done everything. so i have no idea why its not working.
  4. well it seems to charge ok and doesnt have any sync issues but ill see if using my mums galaxy one and see if that works. but i doubt thats it. > just tryed. nothing. thanks anyway
  5. hey guys. iv been running roms on my i8000 for ages now and iv never had any problems getting it to connect with octans but all of a sudden its stopped working and i cant figure out why. i only did a rom about a month ago to rapids and n00bodys jh1 sence with je3 csc. atm i want to upgrade to aijh1 but octans is just throwing OnDeviceChange \\?\usb#VID... etc iv tryed reintalling the drivers and re disabling the driver signitures and re downloading octans...nothing. iv also tryed various combinations of roms but still nothing. im stumped. any ideas?
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