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  1. Will clockwork also be removed if i flash the stock image?
  2. Hi! Is it possible to revert the phone exatly as it was when you bought it? With the Pulse you just put the official .zip-file in a dload folder on the root of the SD and then update it. Is there a similar way with san francisco? If someone already asked about this please post a link to the answer :)
  3. Mine is glass for sure! Just try to put your canine tooth into the top speaker and you feel it is glass.
  4. I agree with you! I really doubt Orange do a lot of money at this phone. On every unlocked phone Orange lose a lot of profit!
  5. Okey, thanks! I am going to London and i think they have at least 3 stores?
  6. Hello! Does anyone know if the Orange stores got a lot of San Francisco phones in their storage or if they starting to be a shortage of this popular phone?
  7. 1an


    So it should be compatible with Toms latest froyo release? Maybe flashing your custom 2.2 ROM would solve the problem for me.
  8. 1an


    I just tried to fastboot flash the boot.img flibblesan posted for froyo and for me it is not very stable. Opera and several other apps crashes after like 1 minute. I run toms latest froyo with swap and a2sd.
  9. 1an


    Is it a big speed improvement with oc enabled?
  10. You do it with the phone! Boot into amonra recovery by pushing Red+menu+power while starting your phone.
  11. 1an

    Angry Birds

    where did you get the updated version?
  12. That is exactly like with the Angry birds, why is this problem?
  13. Yes, it works every time. Perfect if you see a nice recipe by the computer and then want to go to the kitchen to cook it :lol:
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