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  1. it is working for me but I can't turn on wifi, gives me error.
  2. http://www.samfirmware.com/windowsmobile.htm
  3. +1 on the links... I hope someone can share the files they have downloaded. Thanks.
  4. is it in english? be cause I installed it and I can't change the language to english...
  5. wow! this is a very good update!!! yes hope you can put links of the files so that we can also test it.
  6. have you tried this: Here how you can boost mic on Omnia Lite Put this code *#0002*28346# Press Gain Go to Mic Amp Gain Set this: MGNR7 0110 MGNL3 1001
  7. it won't work on x64 system. Easiest way is. 1. Turn on phone and plug to pc to check active sync connection. 2. Load buckingham. Load all files. 3. Uncheck all boxes and click "Detect" 4. While phone is plugged in, take out battery for 2-5 seconds and plug it back in. (upon plugging, it should detect) 5. Click Start downloading.
  8. still in need of your wonderful ideas...
  9. just a noobie question, how will I know which folder contains the particular installer of a particular program? Alll I can see is image info and S00 and alike files. Also, I tried the new executor for my B7300 and after installing the assemled ROM, all I get is blue screen on my phone. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks. just an update: I don't get the blue screen, now I get the "A fatal error occurred..."
  10. I have a problem connecting it to he Samsung New PC Studio. It won't connect. I need it to be connected so that I can sync my emails, SMS, MMS, and Phone book that is in the PC Studio.
  11. I installed spb shell on my omnia lite months ago and 3d carousel works well. Now I am enjoying m2d.
  12. this is a useless rom. I tried it and it is very slow due to added crap on start up. the other one keeps restarting.
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