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  1. I'm still on the MCR for one reason only: I love the "always on" legacy menu button. If I found it incorporated in another rom, I'd probably jump ship.. :unsure:
  2. Just installed this on my 1 hour old Tab. Works great! :D Thanks! Just a quick question - I'm now missing my danish keyboard. Is there a fast way to bake it back in?
  3. I've looked for over an hour for it here and on XDA, so could someone please link to a black status/notification bar zip-file to replace the white one in this rom? Love the rom btw.. B)
  4. Being from Denmark I just searched the pages I know that could bring news about Android and found this: http://www.mobilsiden.dk/?aId=12174 Just run it thru google translate and you get the meaning. But heres an excerpt: - "Vi er glade for, allerede at kunne udrulle Froyo til Desire, inklusive vores forbedringer til HTC Sense", siger HTC's nordiske direktør Peter Frølund til Mobilsiden.dk roughly translated to "We are pleased to be able to deploy Froyo on Desire allready - including our enhancements to HTC Sense" is the Nordic director of HTC, Peter Frølund, saying to Mobilsiden.dk Acording to the article, the update should start yesterday. Havent seen it here. Neither have anyone on http://androidforum.dk/
  5. This post so much have saved the day! I've been having FC's since the original R4 WIP and trying an unscientific approach by arbitrarily removing Sense related stuff didn't help. This did! :angry:
  6. :) Yay! Was just about to switch back to MoDaCo FRF91 from the DJ Droid modified. I miss the added magic of the MoDaCom rom and with an added possibility to ditch Sense I'll wait. Having tried out the FRF91 for a while really made me realize how much I loathe Sense.
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