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  1. Was annoying lol, tried to add a jack that came from my old samsung phone, the wires were all full of wax and after spending 30 minutes it didn't even work, so I took directly the jack without all the random bullshit... This isn't going to be very solid but I'll try to find some solutions later on (probably some black covering) It only had one ground wire too, so I soldered it on the LeftGND and it works fine.
  2. sruon

    USB brick/rickrolled/b0rked -> FIXED!

    confirmed working on the EVO 4G with same symptoms. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...5243&page=2 This thread should be reproduced on their forums.
  3. sruon

    Aluminium case and loss of signal

    Aluminium is known to boost wireless signal so it's weird.
  4. sruon

    Where is Froyo?

    There is no competition, it's all community work... what's done here is used in the other, what's done on XDA is used here... everyone is happy, simple as that. I can definitly vouch for the quality work done on both boards but the blind (excuse the expression) cocksucking is getting slightly annoying.
  5. sruon

    USB brick/rickrolled/b0rked -> FIXED!

    great finding... a complete root and an unbrick method in the same day?!
  6. sruon

    "Get a USB-Bricked Desire to Paul" Fund

    this thread made me palmface. (well, the first post at least.)
  7. sruon

    Rooted any chance for UNLOCK code?

    Your carrier is the only free solution... but they will most likely refuse to give you the code unless you're very convincing and/or there are laws in your country. (e.g. France after 6 months of contract: free)
  8. sruon

    [FroYo ROM] - DeFroST 0.6

    I have to say I miss Sense as well. :(
  9. sruon

    com.android.phone crashes

    a shutdown shouldn't take more than 60 seconds... I'd say your OS is bugged and you need to reinstall a ROM or something.
  10. sruon

    Earphone volume

    yeah I can't listen to music either, I tried the kernel change, didn't do much (if anything)
  11. Yes, god knows how many guides over the net relies on -not- using a specific chipset for doing anything. (Remembering VIA and USB DSL models back in the day.) Doesn't have to be very specific, something like Nvidia, VIA, Intel etc...
  12. Your poll should include Computer's USB chipset as well.
  13. sruon

    gr0gmint @ XDA Has a Half-Useable FroYo ROM

    I have none of these bugs, you're probably using the old ROM
  14. sruon

    gr0gmint @ XDA Has a Half-Useable FroYo ROM

    I've flashed my Desire at least 50 times today :<

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