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    acer liquid A1
  1. L0cu7us

    Asus Fonepad Review

    i've found also wifi tethering is not working on my device :-/ Devices are able to connect but they are unable to browse internet...
  2. L0cu7us

    [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    how about battery guys ? for me beta1 was a battery hog, 8/10h on idle... Thanks the_pasto for your work !
  3. L0cu7us

    [ROM 2.2] t&l

    Try here: ShareID : L0cShare RoomKey ; t_e_l Link : https://spideroak.co.../L0cShare/t_e_l (to thanks me, if you want, please subscribe to spideroak (GREAT service) using my referral link: http://goo.gl/ThJMV so you'll get an extra 1GB of free space (and also i) Thanks !)
  4. connect your phone to usbthen run from shell: adb shell touch /data/.noswap then reboot, your swap is deactivated also between reboots, to re-enable it simply: adb shell rm /data/.noswap end.
  5. yes, i think it is better to stay on <1.7
  6. hello, my phone has become a vibrator from v1.5 LiquidNext ! every time i receive a call, it start to vibrate a lot and several time, dunno why...
  7. how is supposed to work softkeys sms notification ?
  8. L0cu7us

    [ROM] CM7 Liquid (kang) 1.2.18 -CM7RC1-

    link2sd doesn't work on this latest rom due to a bug(?) in a link into /system/bin/mkdir -> toolbox sh-3.2# mkdir mkdir: no such tool seems toolbox doesn't provide mkdir but since busibox does, simply type this after adb shell: ln -sf /system/xbin/busybox /system/bin/mkdir also seems there is a bug into the /etc/init.d/05mountsd script (only if your ext is ext2 formatted ?), change: $BB mount -o noatime,nodiratime,barrier=1 -t ext3 $SD_EXT_PART $SD_EXT_DIRECTORY; to $BB mount -o noatime,nodiratime -t auto $SD_EXT_PART $SD_EXT_DIRECTORY; for me now link2sd work perfectly and also ext partition is mounted without problems.
  9. L0cu7us

    [ROM] CM7 Liquid (kang) 1.2.18 -CM7RC1-

    yes i can confirm, same problems, not much improvements, but seems more stable than RC1 for my liquid A1.
  10. L0cu7us

    [ROM 2.2] t&l

    is possible to add Darktremor app2sd support to this rom ?
  11. L0cu7us

    MIUI 1.3.25 2.3 for Liquid

    mirror: File name: MIUI-1.3.25-2.3.3_Carrera13.zip File size: 78.70 MB
  12. L0cu7us

    MIUI 1.3.25 2.3 for Liquid

    great news thanks ! waiting for wifi/3g/bluetooth fix !
  13. L0cu7us

    MIUI 1.5.27 for Liquid (Android 2.3.4) update

    Mirror: File name: 2011_03_06_MIUI-Liquid-1.3.5-phoenix-en-signed.zip File size: 80.67 MB

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