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  1. Try calling the original carrier and tell them you inserted a different SIM and now the phone won't work even with the original SIM. That's how I've done it with AT&T several times with different Atrix phones. Be careful, trying different codes several times will lock the radio and make cell access useless and some intensive hacking will be needed or a new phone. Hope this helps:)
  2. I posted a newer version that will get you to Froyo 2.2.2 and you can update to Gingerbread from there. This is just plain Stock. Paul has already released his custom 2.3.3 ROM.
  3. Make sure the right drivers are installed. On your phone, put it in fastboot mode. On your computer, go to Device Manager and look for a "ADP Interface-HTC Bootloader" device and if you don't see it then the right drivers are not installed. Look for your phone in the list, and uninstall any current driver. Reinstall the driver from windows update (that actually worked for me) by choosing the automatic option when reinstalling/updating the driver. Im working on a newer zip since it appears that google is not updating from 2.1 anymore.
  4. I tried using the latest version (2.2.2) from HTC to make this process much faster but it would give me a lot of problems but using 2.1 would work just fine and just updated from there. Ive been using this for a while and it's always worked for me. Keep in mind that the first update will install an older radio which really sucks, I've included a newer version and instructions on how to install it. You can always replace the .img files with the Android version you want and it'll work as long as they're in the same folder under the same file name. Let me know if you tried another version and if it worked. Hope it works for you guys:)
  5. Sorry forgot to mention that, yes this will wipe your phone and the phone has to be in the bootloader (you can get there by holding the trackball and pressing the power button) for this to work:)
  6. I made a package with all the original files needed (All files were downloaded from HTC and Google) and I also made the commands (for Windows only) to make this extremely easy. Here's the link to the package and don't forget to unzip all files. http://kuldrive.com/host/n1/Back2Stock.zip This is Froyo 2.2.2 and you should be able to get the Gingerbread 2.3.3 OTA update from google right away. The instructions are in the "Read Me.txt". It should be fast and easy, I did it under 5 mins. Keep in mind that this will wipe your phone.
  7. When I try installing or updating some apps such as gmail it won't let me it says Installation Unsuccessful. How can I fix this?
  8. it's not worth it at all same speed same ram. gingerbread? im pretty sure the nexus one is getting it too. the LG Star/Optimus 2x is much better. the only good thing about the nexus s is OTAs
  9. do you have this on CM6 or do think you can add it? if you can that'd be awesome
  10. does this work on a non-rooted EPE54B?
  11. I called N1 support the other day because I had some problems with the phone and they said that it had been rooted when I never thouched the phone and it was only 2 weeks old. The Build Version was EPE54B and everything else was ok including Kernel Version and no unlocked lock on the X Screen. After hours and multiple calls they sent me a replacement... with the same EPE54B Build. I read that this is a leaked update. Does anyone know what's going on with this? Will I be able to get the 2.2 update OTA when it comes out? Thanks in advance.
  12. Im getting an error on my N1: "The program can't start because AdbWinApi.dll is missing from you computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." What should I do??
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