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  1. My apologies if this has been asked before (though I have searched), but it appears that wma support is not present in this rom. Is this something that will be added eventually?
  2. I used this seller as well and it worked out fine, he responds quite fast.
  3. The new 0.6 version of launcher pro came out today! I've installed it and it's working just as well as the previous version, and it's got some nifty new features too. Most importantly, it now has a "persist mode" so it will never get pushed out of memory!
  4. I finally got around to installing this last night and I must say, this is by far the most stable and usable rom yet! Up until now I was kind of regretting ever having gotten a pulse, but I can see that maybe not all is lost! For the first time I've been able to play music relatively reliably!
  5. Although Huawei may not present it as such, their 2.1 update is no better than a beta. It's riddled with bugs and crashes, and generally has poor performance. If any other company tried the same thing they would be shot down pretty damn quickly.
  6. you might try getting a headphone amp. the output from the pulse may not be strong enough to get the kind of bass you want!
  7. I haven't experienced the call log bug yet (as I haven't received any private number calls!) but I'm getting the same thing with 150 being called "Your", which is the first word of the message curiously enough. It's not a major bug but it is annoying!
  8. This has to do with copy protection on certain applications in the market. If the phone you're using has a new(ish) firmware, google won't allow it to see or download copy protected apps, supposedly to stop people with hacked firmwares releasing the package apk's. Since we're pretty much all running the new 2.1, we can't see these apps yet...hopefully google will update the market soon! I suspect this may even be part of the reason t-mobile uk isn't releasing 2.1 yet :/
  9. How were you able to install Autostarts? I've been unable to see any of the copy protected apps in the marketplace!
  10. So far this rom has been pretty good, only a couple of reboots and my uptime currently stands at around 15 hours. However, I just got a problem with the market again where my downloads get stuck at "starting download". I managed to fix this on 1.5 by clearing the download manager cache and rebooting, but it doesn't seem to be working here, so I may have to switch back to the default 2.1 :(
  11. I believe the 2.1 rom uses an older kernel, froyo requires the .32 kernel iirc. So I don't it will be too much help...
  12. You don't really need RoadSync anymore in 2.1, the default email client supports exchange syncing.
  13. Aye, this is a well known issue. I think you're right about the cause, but so far I haven't found any solution, beyond using the included 2.5mm headphones. Sometimes I get lucky and the music won't start, but most of the time as long as headphones are connected the phone is gonna be playing music. It makes doing things like watching movies or youtube pretty much impossible.
  14. I've been using update 6 of this for a couple hours and it's feeling very stable so far! I haven't noticed a great deal of difference in speed between this or the tmobile version, though I do get the feeling the home screen takes a little longer to draw (around 5-10 seconds).
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