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  1. have you tried turning off your data connection while in the UK? the out of the box setting is for the HD7 to turn off data connections while roaming, so unless you changed this setting, it could explain your extended battery while overseas....????????
  2. Hi Johnny, when you open the 'whats new' screen from within the people hub, it updates there and then - pulls all your contact activities from Facebook etc. This is for all activity, among all your contacts. as stated above, you can 'pin' an individual contact to the front screen, and this updates on a very regular basis (no like server polling). if you've seen comments re poor battery performance, I'd assume that the above features play a part :P there is also a really good Facebook app on the market place. hope this helps. Dave
  3. +2 I'm using the ones from in the box, and they aren't bad. But I would like to upgrade soon, so look forward to hearing from others that have already made the investment.
  4. It's a work phone, and IT had already played with it by the time it got to me. is there anyway that the O2 lock can be confirmed, it wouldn't surprise me if the IT crew had been unlocking them?
  5. my turn for a stupid question: other than inserting a different (non 02) sim card - how can I tell if my phone is locked to 02?
  6. I had issues with the batter meter, rather than the battery itself. I charged the phone overnight, and by the time I got into wokrk (90mins after unplugging) the battery was showing as 50% full. I turned the phone off and on again, and the battery was back up around 90% (I was listening to music and reading email on the 90min journey). Other than that the battery seems to be ok.... but I do need to charge nightly (I do use it heavily during the day).
  7. from what I've heard this is more an issue with the supply from HTC, rather than anything either O2 or Microsoft have control over. Looks to be europe wide, I know there are supply issues in Ireland as well as the UK.
  8. this has to be a mistake. who in their right mind would want to put a 2GB memory card in the phone. From what I've heard the memory card isn't replacable in this phone, only in one of the Samsungs.... but I think it's all just rumours at the moment.
  9. Is your outlook using an exchange server? if so you may need to add the certificate (for your excahnge) to the phone. your admin should be able to let you know where to get this from
  10. Not sure if you can sync via Media Player - but why would you want to? The Zune software is free (you don't have to have a seperate Zune device, or even a WP7 to download) and it also controls the Apps store. If you install Zune Software now, you can see the Apps that are currently avaliable for WP7 devices, you just can't download them until you attach a WP7. No - the phone can't be used as a USB device for file transfer.
  11. Have downloaded and giving it a go now. So far so good. Dave
  12. Start - Settings - Connections - Wi-Fi - Select 'Turn on Wi-Fi' this works for me..
  13. what apps are you running at the same time? I often have media player, internet and activesync (both email and IM) all running at the same time without issues.
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