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  1. Yes. I haven't done much other than backup / restore / wipe but it works fine for me using a Gen 1 Blade.
  2. limawhiskey

    Replacement phone, inferior screen?

    No, the original one was TFT too but it seemed better quality.
  3. I just got my phone replaced by Orange under warranty. The old one was B08, the replacement/refurb is B10. Having used it for a couple of days, it seems to me that the screen in the replacement phone is not as good as my original. The viewing angle doesn't seem as good - when the phone changes angle the change in colour/contrast is a lot more obvious than before. Also the backlight bleeds around the edge of the screen noticeably more than with my last one. I can't confirm it 100% as it was a swapped out replacement so I never had both phones to directly compare. But every time I use my new phone I notice it and it just seems inferior to the one I had before. Anyone with a similar experience? I'm considering requesting that the phone be replaced again.
  4. I mention in the video description that it's not just this game, just seemed to happen most often so most likely to happen while filming. Mine was a B08. i just got a B10 as a replacement - I was hoping for a Gen 2 :rolleyes: As long as it doesn't crash though I'll be happy :)
  5. Thanks, k0zmic for answering my post. I have a Gen 1 device, it has not been upgraded. Thanks for pointing it out though. Using clockwork to flash the stock ROM worked perfectly and also removed the clockwork recovery. I wasn't sure if it would restore the factory recovery from reading this and the linked thread. Phone is now ready to go back to Orange - here's why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqqgnmPyoMk. These forums are great :)
  6. Thanks for the link. How do you flash those roms to the phone? With clockwork?
  7. For balance, I have been running SS5* since release on a Gen1 LCD and not seen this issue at all. Is it an OLED problem? *SS2 -> 3 -> 4b -> 5 with no wipes
  8. Yes, you will have to wipe coming from JJ. Make sure you have a nandroid backup and use Titanium backup to restore apps and data from JJ to SS.
  9. Possibly; gingerbread thin circle works fine for me with ss3 and I have not applied the blueish addon. Re-apply the Swedish_Spring_RLS3.zip. All your apps, settings and data will be retained. As usual, do a backup first, just in case.
  10. I use SMS Backup + for exactly this, it's been flawless for me.
  11. Is there any info about how A2SD works for SS3? I was using Link2SD with SS2 but it no longer works with SS3 - for some reason the script it tries to create to mount the ext partition no longer works. Is it possible with the native A2SD to see which apps are linked to the ext partition of my sd card and how much space there is used / remaining on the internal and ext storage?
  12. See post #3 for the wallpapers.
  13. Installed immediately! These are lovely, great work. One thing sprang to mind - could the buttons be made vertically smaller? Would be even better if it took up a bit less space in the notification area.
  14. I didn't get any specific drivers, it just works! Win 7 64 bit. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  15. It works ok for me with My log is the same as yours, except I don't get the write error: E:Unable to write to ums lunfile (No such file or directory) or the mount error: W:failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 (No such file or directory) I flashed via Recovery Manager, don't know if this will help though.

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