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    Is it possible to overclock a vega on the vegacomb Rom?
  2. Ok cheers, so I presume the custom 2.2 Roms are much better than stock 2.1 in terms of performance?
  3. I bought a Orange SF when they first came out but returned it shortly after as it was faulty. At the time, I really liked the phone but felt at times it was slightly jerky and lagy at times. I know its a cheap phone and these things are to occur. Just to mention, I was running the r3 Rom at the time. So the question is, will the phone be any better if I buy it again as the phone now comes with 2.2. Also there are so many Roms now inc 2.3. Thanks
  4. I am runing the RCmix HD ROM with AMon recovery on my desire. The problem im having is that apps that need superuser permission keep asking for it when i open them. I have selected the "remember" option but it still keeps asking, anyway to get around this?
  5. 325i

    PS3 Hack

    Cheers mate, that's bad news then. Looks like that I will need to get my disc drive fixed then.
  6. 325i

    PS3 Hack

    I have done some research and it seems like Hermes v4b allows this. What do you think?
  7. 325i

    PS3 Hack

    Does anyone know what mod needs to be done to boot games from a hard drive without the need to have a disc in the drive? My drive can't read discs as its faulty.
  8. 325i

    PS3 Hack

    right, PSFServiceMod allows a downgrade to be done via the Desire. Has anyone got a guide on how to do it and what disadvantages are there with a jailbroken ps3? Is it just that i cant play online?
  9. 325i

    PS3 Hack

    It seems to downgrade the ps3 you need to purchase a special dongle. Is there anyway to downgrade using a normal usb or even an android phone?
  10. 325i

    Desire HD rom??

    Some good news. Just one thing to clarify, do you think are R10 will be just an update of the current ROM or do you think it have HD features?
  11. Eddy, what other features has data2sd got other than saving space? I currently have over 90 apps installed yet have 85mb free so low space is not an issue for me.
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