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  1. djpatterson

    Hudl 1.3.1 Update

    4.2.2 NOT 442 as the article incorrectly states!
  2. djpatterson

    TWRP recovery on Hudl?

    I think that each device needs its own custom version which I haven't seen around yet :-(
  3. djpatterson

    Memory Card Issue

    Do you push it in until it clicks? It doesn't protrude and is awkward to insert
  4. Not, it just removes stuff that's not really needed We're all waiting for KitKat and ANT
  5. There a post in here about it
  6. djpatterson

    Hudl thoughts

    There's a thread on here discussing and providing cwm to install
  7. djpatterson

    What's the next update codename for hudl?

    We have a winner
  8. djpatterson

    How do I transfer files Apps on to my memory card?

    What they said ;-)
  9. djpatterson

    hudl case

    1080p works fine for me from an NFS share with a mysql db on a 2.4ghz WiFi in a cottage with thick walls
  10. You're trying to execute a unix command in windows!!! remove the ./ if there is a windows executable in the directory
  11. Oh, don't leave the update.sh lying around in the root of the internal card as you'll keep getting the 'update available' prompt (even if you've moved the ota apk)
  12. Yes, that's it, although I also too the show progress out. If you edited in windoz then you need to have used a proper editor like notepad++ as stock notepad, etc. put extra 'helpful' characters in the file that you can't see and don't need
  13. Had to delete the 2 earlier assert statements too. Then just applied through CWM, declining the updated bootloader and adding SU when prompted. Seems to be fine to me, what should I test (help about just being a lookup of build.prop) Thanks

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