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  1. Hi. After pushing the patched version of Wallet to /system/app I have to defrost it with Titanium backup after every reboot before it shows up. After that its fine. Anyone else have that behaviour ? Chhers
  2. I had the same thing with a custom baked ROM. About 4 hours after flashing the ROM (without rebooting), data completely died. 3G arrows were present, even after enabling aeroplane mode or 'use 2G only' in settings. Data didn't work (even on wifi) until a reboot. Its been fine ever since that reboot though, thats about 2 days uptime.
  3. Hi. In the gingerbread theme, after a phone call, the statusbar changes from flat black, to having a gradient. I think this is the culprit : framework-res.apk -> res -> drawable-hdpi -> statusbar_background.9.png (It has the gradient) Can we swap this for a flat black png ? Cheers
  4. In android, every app runs as a different user, so that apps cannot access each others data. In unix, users have a user identifier. So user "app_9" could have a uid of 10008 (for example) So you have mapping of uid -> user -> app Spare parts displays the app usually. I guess if it can't find the app associated with the uid, it just displays the uid. uids < 10000 are reserved for system. you can find these in android_filesystem_config.h The uid of 0 is always root though John
  5. I suspect the statistics are wrong. The totals don't add up. I've just disabled all outgoing traffic on my router, and i'm not seeing anywhere near enough blocked requests in the firewall logs to support that volume of traffic. 1KB /s is about 500 blocked requests a second. I've seen ~ 20 requests to google, amazon, cachefly and akamai technologies. All reputable. John
  6. If you use apktool dj etc etc etc it should decompile to .java files (that contain smali) You can try to re-write the suspect functions one at a time in real java before recompiling. Then port it to AOSP if it works Take a look at this : (Apologies if this is old news) Do we have an AOSP build somewhere where the ril doesn't work ? John
  7. Whenever wifi is active. It scans for new access points. So if your wifi is on, and you get home, within 15 seconds it should discover your AP and connect if it been connected in the past. Thats if your wifi is on though
  8. It could be that the WifiService isn't attempting (or failing) to change the PM profile, or the AR6K chipset only has 'on' and 'off' poking around in dmesg might reveal some PM messages for wifi. Doubt its anything we could fix in the non-AOSP implementation of framework anyway.
  9. Set the scan interval in /system/build.prop wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=xx where xx seems to be 15 seconds by default
  10. Make sure ContactsProvider.apk is on your sdcard. In terminal type : busybox mount -o rw,remount /system cp /sdcard/ContactsProvider.apk /system/app Double check the spelling and case of all the commands you write. John.
  11. How did you apply it? For it to completely kill wifi its probably a permission thimg. It has to be executable and owned by wifi.shell
  12. It works for me. I have watched wifi disconnect after 900000ms, then reconnect successfully when you wake the phone. The previous wpa_supplicant would try to use stale keys. This one renegotiates. Flash the zip in recovery. There is no need to reflash anything else. (Or just push the file in the zip file and reboot)
  13. Fix for Wifi not re-connecting after sleep Flash in recovery. wpa_supplicant is the daemon that deals with wireless handshakes (amongst other things) The handshake was failing. This is wpa_supplicant from another rom that works. John wifi_fix.zip
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