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  1. there is nothing wrong with this files and passsword,make sure the rar files is not broken or try to unRAR with newest version, thx
  2. hehe..i still use this phone,chef Speedy :) after more hundred time flashing this phone,i think i feel comfort with this "unbreakable old Omnia" :P ,but maybe i'll move on too in this mid-year, ok,thank you Chef,and see you :)
  3. hmm..finally the last chef is move on.. see you chef Bob :) ^_^ btw wm29077 is out @xda,don't you like to cook thats..hehe :)
  4. dear Jacobn, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us,.. *hope all chef here, can be like you :) miss your ROM for another device :) regard
  5. +1 :) hehe...just my hope,maybe you have change to another device.. ..waiting for your ROM, for another device :) Thank you MS Team :)
  6. this ROM use HTC dialer,and all HTC dialer not support with video call,you must install samsung dialer....
  7. hi,nrgz28 :) is it your july 4 ROM is your last ROM??..because I think your july 2 ROM is more stable on sense weather than your july4. btw will you release your next ROM?just my suggest,please add office 2010 and remove some of unused programs,thx for beautiful ROM.. regard.. deadcore
  8. have you check the usb cable?? do not to use usb extension for flashing ROM
  9. you flash with nb0 and MST that's fault,you must choose one of them.. try to flash with only Rapid_JI1_29022.nb0 file hope this can help..
  10. just little tricky: - use compact menu - disable lockcscreen - disable HTC dialer you can save 15-20mb :)
  11. I've been try for 6mb ,8mb,12mb 16mb ,20mb PP, i think choosing a PP is depend to functionally of what you use for, like : if you like to open big file, or big application like a sense weather you must choose a 16mb or 20mb PP..
  12. Read carefully this link: -They're so many good Chef Cookers here @modaco, Jacobn, NRGZ28, MS Team, Rapid, Speedfrog, GC and many more you can choose one of them...
  13. you can try Jacobn ROM builder,you can make your own ROM,just click @build os the program you want to install,and you have your own ROM.with this tools I think everybody can be a chef ;) ..thx very much Sir Jacobn,for sharing your knowledge with us here :)
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