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  1. I didn't get an upgrade option, but I have 12 months left.
  2. Thanks. These two programs are excellent. I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing about them.
  3. Well, after a soft reset and using GPS, I had the same results without using the GPSoff.exe - no significant battery drain after 2 hours. So I'm starting to believe I had an app that used GPS and hung or didn't manage the radio settings properly.
  4. I hate even asking this because it is such a noob question. I have been on this forum for 7 months now, and I'm even customizing my own ROM now thanks to all the help many of you have provided. (Something I never imagined I would do.) I see all these beautiful screens everyone is posting, and I get all envious. Still, I don't know how the heck to take a friggin screenshot on my i920. Is there an app? Is it built in? What's the deal?
  5. No, it does not change the icon. I'm using WidgetPlus for my today screen, and the ROM is my own lite version. The icon I referred to was the diamond in the upper right. It shows two radio wave bars after it when GPS is set to "Location On." These bars disappear when set to "911 Only." So I guess my orginal request was geared toward being able to toggle the GPS setting in this manner. Now, I believe I misinterpreted the purpose of this icon. I thought that when the two bars were present, the GPS radio was active; therefore, draining my battery. So I was always changing my GPS settings to "911 Only" to conserve battery, as I was experiencing considerable battery drain whenever I left it set to "Location On." This was a couple months ago, and I may have had an application that was responsible for the battery drain. I left my phone in "Location On" mode all last night after getting a GPS fix with O2Compass. I closed O2Compass and ran the exe you sent. The icon did not change, but I did not experience battery drain during the night. At this point I don't know if it was the little app you sent or some other factor that fixed my problem. I'm going to keep experimenting and see what I find out.
  6. Okay, installed. I'll try it out tomorrow and see if it saves my battery. I'll return with the results. Thanks for your help.
  7. No icon after restart. I searched my phone and got no results for GPSOff besides the exe.
  8. Really? Mine stays on and drains the battery and get warm unless I turn it to 911 only. Hmmm, I'll try playing with it a bit more. How do you know that it is off/on? Does the icon on the home screen change because mine always shows the two bars next to it?
  9. I use GPS on my Omnia II ocassionally. I hate the number of taps it takes to turn it on/off. Is there any way to access the GPS setting with a shortcut? Better yet, is there any way to single tap the GPS on and off?
  10. Like others in this thread, I have determined that in order to have the device customized the way I like it, I'm going to need to build my own custom ROM. I'm going for something similar to Zero's Stock ROM without WM 6.5.x because I don't like how it works with some of my older WM programs-mainly PocketQuicken. I have managed to cut out most of the Verizon stuff, and I have modified widgetplus to remove all the Verizon branding. So anyway, I'm creating a lite ROM like everyone seems to do when they are starting out; it's a good way to get educated about the kitchen. Here's my question. What are the benefits to increasing ROM space? Are there any performance benefits, or does it just give the cook more space to play with when customizing?
  11. I too have been able to flash custom ROMs after udating with DG21 I successfully flashed the Zero Stock ROM without any issues. When the first official update came out, I used it; I applied the patch when it became available. On release of, I upgraded. After AMDZero posted about the issues he had, I was reluctant to try flashing, but I had no problems.
  12. Yes, works just fine for me on my stock DG21.
  13. So I thought I would give this another go. I built a custom ROM using the stock DG21 Kitchen. The only changes I made to the ROM were the hex edits described in the first post. The ROM booted fine, but the changes did not have the desired effect. No changes to the to the transparency. Apparently, changes must need to be made in other places to get this to work on my device. Has anyone managed to get this to work on an i920? If so, which version?
  14. I would guess that people who use WidgetPlus tend to not modify their phones. There are a couple tweaks for WidgetPlus, but they tend to be graphical in nature. I have researched this since I was hoping to make some modifications to some of the WidgetPlus widgets. The problem is that no one has been able to successfully decomplile then recompile the widgetplus.swf file--even when making no changes to it. Correctly recreating the widgetplus.swf actionscript is a major hurdle. I have been successful in modifying the graphical elements of widget plus such as changing icons or the level of transparency of the widgets using a flash decompiler.
  15. Can't get it to work on my WinMo 6.5 (Build 21906) trying every method listed so far. I'm going to step away from it for a while; my frustration level is up too high.

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