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  1. I just posted the same issue after installing the APK's Paul provided. There was another version out via XDA that had the same issues not having the Chat Heads working. Not sure what causes this problem but on a screenshot someone posted there would be a "Allow Chat Heads" check box in the Messenger settings section if everything installed properly. Da Baron
  2. Works flawlessly on my "rooted" HTC One S on TMOB US. Only option it doesn't provide is Chat Heads via the Messenger settings screen. Any idea why that is? Thanks for providing these APK's for us on non-supported devices. ~ Da Baron
  3. Can someone post a working link for me so I can dl this awesome ROM? Or even PM me an alternate method to get it? Thx, Da Baron
  4. Hey, Trip! Wanted to ask if there is a way you can make a flashable zip or other means of making the search soft key to be the "recent apps" key? I really like the new style and effect that it has. I've been using Sebastians version of SX4"s A1 ROM and his has the search soft key routed that way yet his GPS isn't fully functional as your 004. Whatever you could do would be greatly appreciated. ~ Da Baron
  5. I don't know what you all are doing that i'm not doing but this ROM is unresponsive for me. I use the volume key and next keys to exit thru setup menu to arrive at the homescreen. At this point it does nothing...just volume key works. Anything I touch doesn't respond,eg; apps,app drawer icon,menu key etc. I can't even get into settings to turn animations off. I've gone back to recovery and wiped everything and reflashed ROM thrice already but to no avail. Any suggestions,ideas would be welcomed as i'm curious to how everyone else is able to get this port running on their Sensation. Thx, Da Baron
  6. Really enjoy and appreciate all the work you do for our Sensations. May I ask a question of you please? I can't seem to get my bluetooth earpiece to connect fully in settings. It shows that it's paired yet the bluetooth icon on the statusbar doesn't show that it is. Once I am on a call it's evident that bluetooth isn't connected. I've done a full wipe,reflashed ROM but to no avail. Any ideas,thoughts etc? Thank you for your time, Da Baron
  7. Wanted to ask if anybody has noticed this in regards to the Contacts apk. Upon opening the app you'll notice multiple accounts for an individual. If you choose one of your contacts that has multiple accounts then "edit" then "join" you're greeted with "unfortunately, contacts has stopped". I've noticed this amongst several ICS Sense-less ROM's. Now i've read all through the threads and unless I overlooked a post I haven't seen any mentions/fixes for this. Any feed back would be appreciated and welcomed. ~ Da Baron *Happy New Years!
  8. Thx so much Trip for all your hard work and especially during the holiday season. From me and mine here in Louisiana USA we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year! ~ Da Baron
  9. WAIT! There'll be plenty o' rest once you've retired! LOL If this is any indication of the treat we experienced today with the early "test leak" from HTC w/4.0.1 it'll be worth the loss of sleep... Sense's ICS version is pretty nifty yet i'm partial to Trip's original ICS port. ~ DaBaron
  10. I downloaded my zip file off XDA on my phone while I was at work. Once I arrived home I flashed this ICS port right away. Mine booted up on the first go and the only thing I had to do was reboot it after the initial install to get 4G signal to take. I like what HTC has done yet am partial to the pure ICS version TripNRaver has. However you get no complaints from me cause this is cutting edge stuff to have on our phones so soon. ~ DaBaron
  11. Trip Dude! Thanks for all the hard work & effort once again for providing this really cool ROM for us Sensation owners. I ain't gonna complain one ioda cause this is by far my favorite port that i've flashed on my mobile devices. Much obliged... ~ Da Baron
  12. As I stated in an earlier post Trip thanks so much for the time and hard work you put in to providing our Sensations the 1st true ICS ROM port. No need for me to go back to a Sense ROM now that we have ICS...great work, cuz! ~ DaBaron
  13. I'm totally floored that not even XDA on their Sensation forum has a port such as yours. Really great work and thanks for having it available for the masses to download. Very appreciative from Louisiana, "who dat"?! ~ DaBaron
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