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  1. Thank you for your response. :rolleyes: I will try this code tonight when i have access to my other computer. Now does anyone know how to save this Visual Studio 2008 C# Smart Device App as a CAB file for installation on Windows Mobile Phones?
  2. Hi. I'm making a simple one screen program in Visual Studio 2008 and I just need to add 4 links to it (which i don't know how to do) and make it into a CAB (i need to learn this too) I've attached a "template" of the program (app) that i think may have the code that i've created so far for Visual Studio 2008. It is in C#. Also, I've attached a picture of the single screen with the 4 buttons that need to be made into links that open up the linked webpage in the phone's default browser. The links that correspond to the text buttons in the picture are attached in a notepad doc as well. Here is the code in question with the buttons that just needs to be turned into links that open up the default browser to the websites (i've also attached this code in notepad): One last question, I also have to make this same app for the iPhone, is there any simple conversion tool for that? Or am i going to have to borrow my friends mac book pro and iPhone? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks! SmartDeviceProject3.zip app_links.txt section_of_code.txt
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