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  1. hi .. need help..! the app is stuck in the calibrating window..! its not calibrating, and when i skip , the compass doesn't rotate, its stuck..! p.s. the compass.dll file is present in windows folder...
  2. thanks GNick..! I feel now ur ROM is complete..! just right amount of applications removed! & fast too..! ;)
  3. yea.. you are right.. you must have the older version installed , then only u can download the new one from market place.. what i did is,, downloaded office 6.1 msi and extracted it .. got some cabs.. and installed the one with WMP.. it worked..!!! now how to add call recording feature..??? and *#0*# –LCD test isn't working..! how to get that..?
  4. hi GNick.. :) I use your FluidC 1.3 WWE ROM ;) its really fast.. love it ;) Your ROM is missing MS Office and Call recorder.. ;) how do i get these? Is there any free alternative for MS Office? ;) I would appreciate your help..! :D
  5. great ROM.. thanks as a stock ROM.. its response is faster than JC2.. :) Could you please upload Phone.bin of this ROM..? P.S the Indian CSC matches completely with Singapore's keyboard...! I flashed CSC, Eboot and PDA.. works gr8 ! Phone.bin is left to flash..
  6. hi Ponior.. Could you please upload the CSC, PHONE and EBOOT part of WM6.1 ? My b7610 came with WM6.5.. so when i flash WM6.1, the phone becomes completely mute..!
  7. Thanks a lot..! I hope this one is untouched version.. ;)
  8. hehaha.. it runs 32bit windowsXP..and its custom build laptop.. (with 2.6Ghz Core2Duo/nvidia's 512mb vga), well 32bit utilizes 3gb ram,, thats more than enough of me.. and yea..it can run anything i throw at it.. tried Vista and Seven.. 32 & 64 bits.. all of them suckz (sorry if i hurt anyone there..! :) ).. I like them little and hate them mostly.. :) Good old xp is the best.. I can do what ever I wish in it.. its classsy... :) modding n tweaking no problem at all.. DieHard Xp fan .. :) Anyways.. its nice to be here at MoDaCo.. great site i must say..! :D Thanks to Chefs and all those who help n00bs like me here..! Keep up the good work Chefs.. :P
  9. hi Pako777.. wow.. it works for you? the EXEcutor v3 gives error while i extract .nb0 from .MST.. anyways.. I was able to extract .nb0 by o2util.exe http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...-from-mst-help/ thanks for all your help bro..! :)
  10. WOOOOOOW.... it worked perfectly...!!!! :) Thanks a lot bro... :)
  11. yep.. they are all in the same directory.. please have a look at my screenshot..
  12. the .MST filename is B7610NXXIK1.MST so i put the command o2util.exe mst_to_nb0 <B7610NXXIK1.MST> then i got the syntax error.. what did i do wrong..? :) i did put the < and > before and after B7610NXXIK1.MST :)
  13. getting the same syntax error.. :) any other option..? :)
  14. yes, its GT-B7610_B7610NXXIK1_B7610NXSOIK1_B7610XXIK1_B7610NXSOIK1_XX_XSO I also want to extract .nb0 from GT-B7610_B7610NXXJC2_B7610NXENJC2_B7610XXJC1_B7610NXENJC2_XX_XEN I am uploading the .MST files of these to firmwares.. will post the links once upload completes.. thanks for all your help Pako777..! :) I tried to extract .nb0 from .MST by rodrigofd's o2util.exe but i don't know how to use it in cmd.. it gives syntax error..
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