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  1. Thanks. However I did manage to make it work in a different way :D If I boot into clockwork and make sure I mount the system partition manually I can edit the files :D
  2. Well flashed the r4 legend rom and still the same s***. push: not found. cp: not found. Or directory not empty errors etc. How badword hard can it be to edit a system file? I'm a root user right? than why can't I do what I want?! Even if I wanted to delete the whole badword folder it shoud just let me! I spend 3 days on this and getting the file in the folder is just impossible.
  3. Flashed this rom as replacement for the stock froyo rom on modaco. So far everything works fine. Not sure if it's really faster though I do get about 80 points more in quadrant. However this rom does seem to eat up 10mb memory more than the stock one. Is this right? Because right now I have 55mb free (I believe it was 118mb right after install) while I have fewer apps installed than before while I had about 64mb free before I flashed. I did do a wipe/factory reset but I did not clear cache. Could that be it?
  4. Forgot to mention but obviously I mounted the folder as rw. Though that shouldnt really matter because that shouldnt have any effect on commands not found errors.
  5. Hi, I want to edit my system folder, mainly because I want to edit the hosts file. However I just can't seem to get it to work. I'm on a rooted legend with paul's stock froyo rom & used his rooting guide. What I tried: Root explorer. Doesn't work, gives a error of not enough free space whenever I want to copy a file. Also deleting doesn't actually really work because after a reboot files just return. adb shell: Just keeps giving me errors like cp: not found, wget: not found, push: not found etc. Or when i'm in the folder and want to do something directory is not empty. Terminal app: Same errors. So I googled and it seems adb sucks and you need busybox. So I download titanium backup and have it install busybox. Boot root and busybox are OK. Still same errors. I'm doing thing while the phone is fully booted. I also tried from recovery mode (traingle screen) but than I can't get adb to connect. What am I doing wrong or how can I fix this? There seem to be tons of people who can do this no problem and got all the commands working even without intstalling additional software. It seems my craptatstic Legend is the only one that doesn't want to play ball...
  6. Where can I check my rom number? In the bootmenu I get Legend unknown ship s-on Hboot-0.43.0001 I got a Legend that I debranded from vodafone. But I want to root so I can install froyo 2.2.
  7. Sorry guys but being a total retard I must have the dumbest question ever. I got a 2.1 Legend right now that I debranded when I got it. But as you might know the 2.2 OTA that got released today doesn't want to install on debranded Legends. If I want to flash this rom, all I have to do I download the free clockwork mod from the market, install it, download the rom from this topic and put it onto my sd card, reboot the phone with clockwork and install the rom? No need for rooting, creating goldcards etc? but I DO need to do a full whipe as I come from a sense rom?
  8. Hi there, First of all, I really like this site. Gave me plenty of good info over time already and helped me out on some things I couldn't find elsewhere. Finally decided to sign up as I have some things with me new Legend that I can't figure out. I'm not sure if this is the proper forum section but I think its more suited to android in general than anything else. 2, or rather 3 problems I have with android are very important to me as I used them daily on my Touch Diamond (WM). The first thing is I can't login to my uni website. Its a site with a .jsp extension and you are supposed to get a login screen when you go there. Guess what my problem is :rolleyes: The message I get from the website is: You are not authorized to view this page. In short it says im not allowed to see this page with the credentials provided (which would be none as the login popup screen doesnt appear) because your webbrowser is sending a WWW authenticate header field that the webserver is not configured to accept. Now, I think I also got this message on my WM phone but if you just wait for a moment/refresh I would just show the login screen and work fine after that. But android doesnt. I tried playing around with the browser settings like disabling blocking popups etc but that doesnt seem to make a difference. My uni webmail also and android also don't play nice. Its a normal exchange webmail site but I can't get android to save my credentials which is kinda annoing because having to retype your credentials 5 times a day is annoing. It doesn't matter if I click the private or public pc button in the login field. Opera on my WM device would just ask to save the crendentials or not and automatically show them next time. Ofcourse I got things like cookies etc all on. Is there anyway to have android save my credentials? Second is the agenda. Now I don't use it a lot but I always displayed upcoming appointments on my lockscreen which rocks because it prevents you from having to open the agenda. Can I also do this in HTC sense? I know there are apps that do this but they seem to replace the sense one. I don't want that, I just want to see upcoming appointments. Another thing is a simple data connection killer. The only thing I want to do is kill a data connection when its idle. Nothing more. Apps can connect whenever they want. But all those apps like juicedefender are too complicated and they seem to actually kill syncing as far as I've tested. The main problem is probably that the windows they open up the connection isnt synced with the mail app etc. Sooo lots of questions and I hope there are some anwsers to them. Especially the browser related onces have a high priority for me.
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