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  1. Tanis64

    4.03 root

    Take a look at chainfire's work at xda. Search for CF-Root, there is a version for this ics beta leak also. Just flash it with Odin as pda. Regards
  2. Tanis64


    Take look at Droid48 Emulates an HP48Gx Scientific Calculator Regards Christopher
  3. Tanis64

    Solution for Galaxy S not connecting to Kies :D

    or yust unmounting internal SD Card Regards Christopher
  4. Tanis64

    Google Sky Map

    Take also a look at AcruSky Compact Planetarium if you interrested in that hobby regards Christopher
  5. Tanis64

    cant download apps from market

    :D without the abillity to download something from the market? Try this Link to koush's Site http://www.koushikdutta.com/2010/02/clockw...very-image.html regards Christopher
  6. Tanis64


    For your interrest: This is the sensor chip in the european Version of the Galaxy S Bosch smb380-Datasheet Overview
  7. Tanis64

    Orientation Sensor Problem

    This is more an issue of the market lags than of the sensor To Calibrate it (root needed) take a look here: http://android.modaco.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=1341084
  8. Tanis64


    Phone must be rooted STOP before pressing enter read the rest of this post! Code: adb shell su /system/bin/sensorcalibutil_yamaha (can also be done from the phone with a terminal software like better terminal) place the Phone horizontally on a table or somerhing flat, from which you knmow it is a correct horizontal area. keep in mind that the phones back isn't flat so lay it on the edge of that table. keep still in this position Press Enter after this reboot or restart the phone. Thats all regards Christopher
  9. Tanis64

    Got the 'stalling' problem? Rooted? Try this...

    So would be nice to have an unpatch script also Thanx for this regards Christopher
  10. Tanis64


    I have the European Version (bught by Amazon Germany) wich has a SMB380 Acceleration, an MS-3C Orientation, and a MS-3C Magnetic Sensors. There is no 6-Axis Gyroscope in the Eruropean Samsung Galaxy S I9000. But the combination of this sensors is also very good for gaming. Only thing the Sensor has an factory offset wich must be recalibrated and that can be done with on board Software but not without Super User Rights. Regards Christopher

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