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  1. The only hd wallpapers app I can find ( https://market.android.com/details?id=app-c...sdev.wallpapers ) doesnt set full resolution wallpapers, they look slightly blocky/blurry is this the same one your using? Check out http://wallbase.cc/toplist/0/all/eqeq/1920x1200/0/100/32/0 look really nice and sharp though there is obviously some zooming so some work better than others.
  2. Do you have a link to the app as the only wallpaper hd apps i can find are designed for phones and the wallpaper looks blurry.
  3. I had a go at doing this but can't seem to get it to work, tried ln -s /Removable/Gallery /sdcard/gallery get error "link failed File exists" Tried variations where I had created both the originating folder and the link destination, only the originating folder, and all variations in between. When I tried with neither folder already existing I get the error "link failed Function not implemented" Not really sure if its a limitation of the file system the Transformer uses for its internal memory? Anyone more clued up on Linux got any ideas?
  4. Check this thread from a xoom forum, explains the situation. http://www.xoomforums.com/forum/motorola-x...just-right.html
  5. Didn't know about this app but I was a massive Amiga fan back in the day. Would be awesome if it could interface with some of the online sites that host old mods.
  6. Have you tried out multitouch Visualizer, my Vega has an area at the bottom of the screen that has this issue, it acts like you are pressing multiple times as it seems to be less sensitive than the rest of the screen. Still need to get mine replaced.
  7. I work for Virgin Media so may have a biased view, but the reason Virgin dropped the sky channels was due to the amount of money Sky was trying to get for them, obviously it did have an impact on Virgins subscribers, but it also had a major impact on Skys advertising revenue, as it effectively cut the number of viewers by quite a large amount which is something advertisers were not happy about, its a similar situation with the iphone, it is not in Googles interest to deny Apple users access to its services when they bring in a lot of advertising revenue.
  8. Yes same. Here, seems to happen a lot with elements that are supposed to follow you down the page on various sites.
  9. +1 yes, definately would not have bought without the support from Paul.
  10. I did find those but they seem to have a button border which the on screen versions don't.
  11. I had a look in the framework-res.apk folder in the various drawable folders for different resolutions but couldn't find it, do you know where the images are? I guess I would have to re-sign the apk after changing the images unless I apply using Clockwork mod?
  12. Much better with the wider touch points (even on my dodgy touch panel), how difficult would it be to change the images used for the home, back and menu buttons Paul?
  13. Yeah, I was just imaging the situation where you are watching something on youtube at full volume with the speakers, then decide to pop your headphones in, with the volume levels my vega outputs I don't think my ears would be very happy.
  14. Problem from my experiments are that to get the notification bar to approach normal size you end up with tiny icons and lots of empty space.
  15. Hmm maybe mine came from a bad batch.
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