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  1. I just restored a rom i had on backup that i took just after installing the loader. If you don't have one then i'm not knowledgeable enough to help you further i'm afraid. If you've got a backup on your computer, you can use a usb card reader to put it on your SD card then boot into the recovery loader then do a nand restore. All the best, James
  2. Well my phone wasn't rooted before, although i got the recovery working fine seemingly. You are right, I can't mount my SD card anymore, but given how much better the rom is i'm sticking with it. See my post above to see the steps i took. If i find anything i'll post it. James
  3. SD Card wont mount Hi All, Just tried flashing your rom this morning. That is r3b, not that i got to that part. I have a UK T-Mobile pulse mini, and up to this point have done nothing with it except unlock it via http://www.dc-unlocker.com/ I have installed the drivers/pc-suit tool on my windows 7 pc Following your tutorial: 0. my battery is fully charged. 1. I installed AmonRA that was easy enough i then did a nand backup via it onto my sd card, then dumped my whole sd card onto my computer. 2. entered recovery mode again after the backup 3. partitioned my sd card with a 0mb swap and 256mb ext2 4. wiped my data, and then cleared the dalvik cache 5. downloaded the rom then booted up my phone to copy it onto the SD card. This is where i am now, unable to mount the SD card. I am still able to boot up to the android system recovery mode. I can't restore my backup image as android system menu cannot read my SD card. Help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, James UPDATE #1: I have tried re-partitioning the SD card via the recovery menu, powering off, then trying to mount - still can't mount I have tried formatting the SD card using the file manager built into android - still can't mount I can creat folders on the SD card, so it does seem to be functioning but - still can't mount UPDATE #2: I have tried access the SD card from OSX - still can't mount SD card mounts fine using a USB card reader. I'm going to try and restore my NAND backup i took UPDATE #3 Restoring the NAND backup that i took also restored my ability to mount the SD card, i'm now going to flash the custom ROM UPDATE #4 Flashed the rom, then did a wipe data, works fine! Just want to say thanks to those guys who developed this rom. Great job! Conclusion: Firstly the bad: SD Mount doesn't work The Good: The new rom is better in ALL respects I especially like the fact Google contacts are now filtered and only those in 'My Contacts' are displayed, not 'All contacts' It's fast- really fast, it turns this underpowered handset into something really useful Theming is great, or rather lack of it, gone is the pink of t-mobile. I could go on!
  4. I found selecting under manufacturer: Huawei phones, then under model: Huawei U8110 the phone was detected - this is only after connecting to the phone using the pc suite tool i was able to do this. many thanks for the guys above for sharing. James
  5. Thanks for sharing your experiance, I'm having trouble and wondered if you could post the settings you used in the DC - Unlocker2 client. Here is what i get with: Selected Manufacturer: Huawei modems Selected Model: Auto Detect DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0528 Detecting card : selection : manufacturer - Huawei modems model - Auto detect (recommended) Found modem : U8110 IMEI : 359145030****** Firmware : 7X25V100R001C00B215_T SIM Lock status : unknown(read failed) sorry, this card not supported ! Please, check manufacturer's selection ! I dont want to buy credits if it's not supported, however seemingly it is? I have installed PC Suite and it can connect to the phone. Many thanks, James
  6. you can now install it from the marketplace
  7. When you say stock do you mean T-Mobile stock? There's one file up on the Huawei device software portal for the U8110. http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...20&treeId=0 James EDIT: the download name is: U8110 V100R001C21B21 7SP01(TME Normal)
  8. Looking on the Google Navigation page: http://www.google.com/mobile/navigation/ I can see that one of the features is Search by voice, and that it is missing from the Pulse Mini? Do i need to install a software library to get this feature? James
  9. thanks for the reply chris. weird feature to take out though!
  10. Hi, quick question, based on this artical: http://droidie.com/2009/11/08/android-sync...-lets-fix-that/ and this one: http://www.thedroidworld.com/tipsntricks/m...acts-on-android and this one: http://lifehacker.com/5499575/the-complete...google-contacts I should be able to choose only to sync the Google Contacts Group 'My Contacts' not the All Contacts group. However on my Pulse Mini, the menu item seems not to be there? Any one else having this problem? James
  11. looking at this the update would have to come from T-Mobile and be an over the air update. i'm not sure if historically T-Mobile has updated their devices? If you've rooted your device the OVA update wont work and will need to be applied manually, or so i've heard. T-Mobile have updated their Nexus One with 2.2. however the G1 seems to be without so i'm not sure what that means for the Pulse Mini
  12. seems a good deal, i got mine with the 20% off deal. pleased generally does seem like a cheap hopefully hackable phone!
  13. in settings if you go to media playback volume and set that to full, then switch to the radio, the volume is so much quieter! why is the radio so quiet? anyone else having this problem? I tried it in my car with the phone connected to my stereo radio playing with the google nav app cutting in when giving a direction, the radio was much quieter than the instructions given by the google nav app, why? james
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